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Author: Jerry Druhan

Jun 5, 2023

Prayer Guide and Devotional

Do you remember Popeye? He was strong! But, unlike Popeye, we are strong in God’s Spirit. And without the need to eat spinach! Popeye needed to eat spinach to gain physical strength. A similarity to that is that we can “eat” (read) God’s Word to become spiritually strong. God’s Spirit makes us strong. Strong enough to do what is necessary to perform the tasks He sets before us and ward off the flaming arrows of the enemy. We will have the strength to be loving instead of hateful and to be disciplined instead of lazy.

Jun 2, 2023

The Pastor’s Piece – June 4, 2023

It’s June. This is what we’ve been waiting for – long, warm days and pleasant summer nights. In my humble opinion – this is the best month of the year. All the promise of life comes in June. School is out as are the leaves on the trees. The garden is growing. The grass is green and the farmers have already brought in the first of the summer harvest (hay). You can go outside without a jacket.

The Harvest – June 2023

The Harvest – June 2023

Lexington FFA Banquet 2023 Honors Members

Lexington FFA Banquet 2023 Honors Members

May 31, 2023

Prayer Guide and Devotional – May 31, 2023

What does an angel look like? Do they have wings, play a harp, and stand on a cloud all day? Did someone you did not know give you a hand when you really needed it, calmed you in a tense moment, or even gave you directions when you were lost and frustrated? The Lord tells us in Hebrews that sometimes when we think we are with a stranger, we may be actually in the presence of an angel sent by the Lord!

May 30, 2023

Prayer Guide and Devotional – May 30, 2023

There are times in our lives in which we feel we will be overtaken by the evil of this world and the responsibilities that surround us, and ultimately swallowed up by the storms of life. But, do not fear or be dismayed, no matter how violent the storm, our God is with us! He will strengthen us and help us through all the violent storms!

Prayer Guide and Devotional – May 29, 2023

For most people Memorial Day marks the start of summer. School is out or will be soon. Vacations start for many across the country. Cookouts and family gatherings occur for most families. It is viewed by so many as a joyful holiday. However, people lose the real meaning of Memorial Day.

May 26, 2023

Prayer Guide and Devotional

Some people state that God is a hard God. Can you actually believe that He would refuse heaven to someone who was “good” all their life? God cannot compromise who and what He is. God is absolutely perfect. What is perfection? It is doing everything absolutely right. So, what is “good?” Have these “good” people ever told a single lie? Even a small one?

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