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About FCFI

The Fellowship was formed in August of 1985 in San Antonio, Texas, during the American Soybean Association EXPO when a group of farmers met together to discuss the need for an organized Christian fellowship of the farming industry. It was felt by those in attendance that farmers and agri-business are in an occupation that is burdened with stress. Therefore, we need to build each other up by sharing our needs in prayer and putting an emphasis on Christian fellowship.

Steve Drake organized the first meeting after reading an article in “Guidepost” on the power of prayer. Thomas Herlong, a farmer in Johnston, SC, was serving as president of the SC Soybean Association at that time and responded to the leadership role and organization of the FCFI.

From that first meeting of about 26 persons, the membership has grown to several thousand. Lives have been changed as a result of the messages shared at FCFI meetings, articles in the newsletters and as a result of the organization’s mission teams.

The FCFI has no affiliation with any particular commodity group or agricultural organization. It is a non-profit, nondenominational ministry.

Our Objectives