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We are ECFA Accredited

Founded 40 years ago by Billy Graham and other evangelical leaders, Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) has grown from a visionary and faithful group of 150 charter members to over 2,600 leading churches and ministries across the United States today.

ECFA enhances trust in Christ-centered churches and ministries through its annual accreditation of organizations based on Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship™, drawn from Scripture.

ECFA serves as a financial accountability partner to ministries who voluntarily seek accreditation and continue to demonstrate their commitment to ECFA’s high standards faithfully. The standards are set at an appropriately high level to provide the essential guardrails for financial integrity in churches and ministries of all sizes. While admittedly, the standards do not address every potential issue or challenge an organization may encounter, they have stood the test of time in helping thousands of churches and ministries enhance trust and become better stewards of their God-given resources.

Additionally, ECFA promotes financial accountability and best practices through innovative resources, including books and eBooks, webinars, videos, podcasts, blogs, research in best practices, conferences, and more.

The Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International welcomes you to explore our ministry website to learn how FCFI members have been involved in disaster relief projects in Kentucky and Louisiana. Dozens of farm shows coming back “live” in 2022 including twenty State FFA Conventions where FCFI members interact with high school FFA members about their spiritual walk with the Lord. Thanks to the relationships built with Romania churches and their Pastors over the past 20 years of Mission trips to western Romania, FCFI was in a position to help with an underground railroad for Ukrainian children safely fleeing the violence in Kiev.

A monthly prayer guide is produced both in print and posted online for members to pray and submit “special prayer requests”. The 2022 growing season is going to be a challenging one due to input costs increasing and availability of insecticides and herbicides continues to be a challenge.

From the beginning of the Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International in 1985 at the Soybean Expo in San Antonio, Texas, friendship cultivation is still a high priority. Our friend from South Africa, Angus Buchan, told us long ago that, “Farming—you can’t do it alone.” We are striving to build more friendships for farmers in everything we do. Please contact us and submit how you would like to be communicated with, (phone, text, messenger, email etc). Digital communication helps lower printing and postage costs.

Hope to speak or meet with you soon.

Your Brother in Christ,
Dennis Schlagel
FCFI Executive Director

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  • The Pastor’s Piece – August 7, 2022
    It had been a few years since my wife and I visited Branson, Missouri. When we were last there, our children were small and the town was too. Actually, we’ve been there twice before. The first time was in March and they had 14 inches of snow (which is very unusual) and most of the shows weren’t open.
  • Kentucky Flooding
    From weather.com: “Heavy rain hammered eastern Kentucky and southwestern Virginia Wednesday night into Thursday morning, triggering destructive flash flooding that broke at least one long-standing flood record. Here are some aspects of this latest flood disaster that stunned even our team of meteorologists and journalists.”
  • The Pastor’s Piece – July 31, 2022
    My wife and I are in Branson, Missouri this week along with some friends at a Fellowship of Christian Farmers International Convention. On the way down here, St. Louis got 9 inches of rain before we traveled through. We knew it was wet, but it wasn’t until the next day we found out how much rain they got. Just west of St. Louis, we came across a semi stuck in the median, another was tipped on its side, and there was a car that spun out in the rain and went through the guardrail – but God was good to us, we motored on through without incident.
  • The Pastor’s Piece – July 24, 2022
    Sometimes God brings very unique people into our lives for reasons only He knows. Such was the case recently when we were introduced to a saintly elderly woman who walked into our church one Sunday a couple of years ago. She started right in telling me about her farm – and asked me to pray that God would lead her to find good help – because good help was hard to find. She told me about butchering meat, birds, and feeding her cattle.  Everytime I sent out a prayer request over email, she responded with a kind and encouraging word. I barely knew this woman, yet I felt like we were life-long friends. She fit right in with our church family. We all loved her. I don’t know where she went to church before Martintown. I don’t know her family or her farm. About the only thing I know about this friend is how much she loved Jesus. 
  • Prayer Guide – August 2022
    When you bring injured, crippled or diseased animals and off er them as sacrifi ces, should I (God) accept them from your hands? Says the Lord, (Malachi 1:13). Many say we do not have to dress up and be on our best behavior to come to church. It isn’t about dressing up but about showing respect to God and His house. We pray to give God our best. 7-30 thru 8-6 Clinton County Fair, Doc DeVoe
  • The Pastor’s Piece – July 17, 2022
    As cataclysmic events are taking place all over the world, and we see so much evil manifested in so many unprecedented (to us) ways, many Christians are wondering, “Is the Holy Spirit going to revive the church before Jesus returns or is this the great falling away in the last days that the Bible talks about?



Serving, Sowing, Reaping For Christ Around The World


The Vision of the Fellowship of Christian Farmers International is to encourage Christian farm families and agricultural professionals to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior around the world.

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Montour-Delong Fair – Washingtonville, PA @ Fairgrounds
Aug 8 – Aug 13 all-day
NY Steam Engine Tractor Pull and Flea Market – Canandaigua, NY @ Showgrounds
Aug 10 – Aug 13 all-day
Antioch Baptist Church Block Party – Williamsport, PA @ Antioch Baptist Church
Aug 11 all-day
CVAEMA Steam Show – Chambersburg, PA @ CVAEMA
Aug 12 – Aug 14 all-day
59th Annual Steam, Gas, and Thrashing Show – Pinckneyville, IL @ American Thresherman Association
Aug 17 – Aug 21 all-day
Maine Farm Days – Clinton, ME
Aug 19 – Aug 20 all-day
Sunbury Riverfest – Sunbury, PA @ Cameron and Merle Phillips Parks
Aug 19 – Aug 20 all-day
Walcott Fair – Wolcott, CT @ Walcott Fairgrounds
Aug 19 – Aug 21 all-day
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