Huge Texas Wildfires! We Are Ready For Your Help!

Huge Texas Wildfires! We Are Ready For Your Help!

Over 1.5 million acres have burned so far from a wildfire in western Texas

A series of wildfires that sparked a week ago is continuing to wreak havoc on the Panhandle, scorching more than 1.5 million acres in total, destroying hundreds of homes and taking the lives of at least two residents, in addition to thousands of head of cattle.

The Smokehouse Creek Fire is one of more than five wildfires that have ignited in the Panhandle this week — and it made history as the largest wildfire on record in Texas. The wildfire has burned more than 1,500,000 acres, equivalent to about 1,700 square miles. As of Monday, the wildfire, which is now five times the size of New York City and larger than the entire state of Rhode Island, is about 15% contained.

7000 cows are dead in the Texas Wildfire

The Texas Panhandle wildfires are taking a significant toll on the region’s agricultural industry. Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller told CBS News on Thursday morning that preliminary numbers show more than 7,000 heads of cattle have died in the fires, and that he believes the final toll could end up including thousands more.

The state has yet to get all the counts of lost cattle in the fires, he said, adding that the 7,000 death toll does not include cattle that will have to be euthanized due to their injuries. More than 1 million acres of land have burned up in the fires, including the Smokehouse Creek Fire, the largest wildfire in Texas history.

“Their hooves are burned off, their utters are burnt beyond – they can’t nurse their babies,” he said. “We’ll actually end up having to put a lot of cattle down just because they won’t be able to make it, even though they survived.”

Map of the devastated area

Wildfire that broke out in the Texas panhandle on Monday has spread across an estimated 1,500,000 acres and is uncontained, sparking evacuations of the surrounding area and prompting Governor Greg Abbott to declare a disaster.

Maps show the Smokehouse Creek fire has spread across an area to the northeast of Amarillo, into the town of Canadian, and is now approaching the border with Oklahoma. A smoke cloud from the fire is estimated to have spread towards Tulsa.

It is one of several fires to have broken out in the region in the past few days, spurred on by warm temperatures and strong winds. The active panhandle blazes currently cover a combined area of some 1,500,000 acres, according to the latest figures by the Texas A&M Forest Service.

The Smokehouse Creek fire is thought to have started near the town of Stinnett, to the northeast of Lake Meredith in Hutchinson County, and has since spread eastward.

Cattle have little pasture land to graze.  

Volunteers, we need you!  The first locations that we will be building fence will be Canadian, Texas and Miami, Texas

(pronounced my-AM-eh).  Our lead contact is Jerry Rice.  

He can be reached at(580)516-1234.