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Western Farm Show 2016


The Western Farm Show was held February 26-28, 2016 in Kansas City, Missouri.  The Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International exhibited a booth on the show floor to tell the story of Jesus Christ through the Wordless Walking Stick.  The Western Farm Show is one of the largest indoor farm shows in the country.  It attracts thousands of visitors, including thousands of FFA members from all over Kansas and Missouri.


Most of the FFA kids found their way to the FCFI booth, and many of them prayed with our volunteers to receive Jesus.  Many other farm show visitors also prayed to receive the Lord.  An estimated 400 prayed to receive Christ during the three day show.  Several also showed interest in FCFI and left names and addresses.



As reported by Jeff Goss, FCFI coordinator for the event:

“Last year, we did not have much help at this farm show, but this year, we had an abundance of good, hard working help. We had good weather, which is a blessing this time of year for traveling. We all had good fellowship together, even though we are all from different backgrounds and denominations. Paul Van Donselaar said that this was the most satisfying farm show he has done this year.”