West Branch Susquehanna Builders Home Show

West Branch Susquehanna Builders Home Show

This young lady just mader her own necklace with sand the colors of the Wordless Bible (Gold/Black/Red/White/Green). You can see the lanyard she is holding onto.

The show was three days with Friday and Sunday being only four hours long each.

The crowds did not show up like they did in the past years.

But that does not matter.

We will tell anyone and everyone the good news of Lord Jesus!

Often the FCFI witnesses are sharing the colors of the Wordless Bible with the people stopping by. This young lady knew the colors and told us what they meant. It is always great to find someone who can tell us the message!!
These two brothers are getting the salvation message of Lord Jesus Christ. As the younger brother looks at the five colored beads, the older brother looks over at the five banners hanging behind the FCFI booth on the wall also proclaiming the message! FCFI witness Sally Good explains the colors.
A family stopped by to have their daughter make a necklace. You cannot see the fourth member of the family. Mom has a little guy in a holder in front of her. Know what that means, don’t you? We will have the opportunity to tell the little brother about Jesus in a year or two! Make sure that sand art table keeps coming back!!
This young lady is reading the banners on the back wall of the FCFI booth. We try to have the message announced in as many different ways as possible to the people.
God bless!!
Here a wife speaks with FCFI witness Ed Terrel (left) while the husband speaks with FCFI witness Sally Good (back left).  Great moments of sharing Jesus!!
A young lady, still in her Little League uniform, stops by to hear the Gospel of Lord Jesus and make a sand art necklace. Using the sand art encourages the people to slow down and it is easier to share what each color means. So often at events people are in such a hurry. FCFI witness Karen Steele listens as the young lady talks to her. A good witness talks when needed and listens when needed.
Wow! This young man stopped for one of the painted classic orange and green Wordless Walking Sticks. FCFI farmer and witness Ed Terrel (right) shares what the bracelet with the beads means!
This final picture is of a family of four at the sand art table. Mom and Dad stand behind as FCFI witness Sally Good shares the salvation message of Lord Jesus with the family as two cross necklaces were made. When walking away Dad spotted the Jesus Box (corner of box faintly seen in lower right of picture). It says on the top of the box “Look Inside To See Who Jesus Died For!” Dad made sure both of the boys looked inside!

That is a sneak peak of some of the interaction that occurred at the FCFI PANTC booth at the 2024 West Branch Susquehanna Home Builders Association Home Show.

We want to thank all of our volunteer witnesses (Michael and Karen Steele, Ernie and Martha Reese, Sally Good, and Ed Terrel) for coming out and sharing with the people.

We hope you enjoyed it.

We really did!!!

God bless!!