Virginia Farm Show

Virginia Farm Show

We occasionally make some walking sticks in tractor colors. These are a few of what we have to give out. Okay FCFI family, can you name those tractor brands??

The Virginia Farm Show
 occurred Thursday January 18 through Saturday, January 20, 2024 at the Augusta Expo in Fisherville, Virginia.  Michael and Karen Steele presented the Gospel and gave away Walking Sticks at the show.

The FCFI booth is ready for the start of the 2024 Virginia Farm Show!

Don Hoover stopped by. He lives in the Lancaster, Pa area. He has strong ties to east coast farmers. He once owned a very large tractor and ag supply business in Lancaster. We spoke to him by phone before arriving at the Va Farm Show. He told us he was coming to Virginia and was excited to stop by and meet us. We will see how this partnership will grow and in which direction.

A farmer stopped at the FCFI booth. He was given two awesome John Deere color walking sticks. One for him and one for his son!

We cultivated our relationship with Lee Publications. Their representative running the Va Farm Show is Bruce. We had several very good conversations with Bruce throughout the four days of the show (set up day included.)

It is always fun when a group gathers around the sticks. FCFI witness Karen Steele is sharing the message.

A lady named Karen stopped by the FCFI booth on day three. She is part of another ministry called Communities for Christ. She was there as a witness for CFO. She told us her fiancee is the head of the Harrisonburg, VA chapter of Communities for Christ. She was going to take all of our information back to him. She also encouraged us to contact him directly.

FCFI witness Karen Steele has a great time sharing the Wordless Bible with this farmer!

We spoke with a lot of people about the three branches of FCFI. We gave out approximately 40 FCFI brochures, Profit magazines, and informational bulletins. There were many farmers that had never heard of FCFI and everything FCFI does for the agricultural community. Everybody seemed very excited about the mission of FCFI. We are hoping this leads to more volunteers and more financial support to help FCFI continue to fulfill its mission.

FCFI witness Michael Steele gives out a Wordless Walking Stick and shares the message of Jesus’ salvation with this young man.

A gentleman stopped by early on the first day of the Va Farm Show. He stated he was a Special Ops person from the military that keeps an eye out on our country. He shared with us some very unusual information. We were blessed that he felt comfortable opening up to us. And yes, Big Brother is keeping an eye out across our huge country! He asked for several of our Wordless Bible leather bracelets. He said he likes them a lot because they “Fly under the radar” (Special Ops lingo!!) and share Jesus in surroundings he often cannot have anything outright sharing his faith.

A fellow vendor stopped by to see about the walking sticks. His booth was down a short ways and he said he was seeing people with these sticks all over the place. What is up with those sticks?? (By the way, he loved the message!!)

There was a representative (Eric) from Blue Ridge Community College at the Farm Show. He was so excited to see that FCFI was present and sharing Jesus at the show. He mentioned the Va FFA State Convention. We told him we have been present there for the last two years. He became even more excited! He said he will be one of the first to visit our booth at the 2024 Va FFA State Convention. He said he has heard from people “aren’t all farmers Christians”? What we are finding out is a very large portion are. But not all of them.

Sometimes we will get down on a knee to share the message. We do not want to tower over the children but share from their level. Here, two families get the salvation message of Lord Jesus Christ!

We did have several people stop by the FCFI booth interested in getting the free walking stick. But when they heard what it was about, they walked away. So no, not all farmers are Christian or have interest. It is good we are attending these events.

These two gentlemen each get a beautiful mahogany walking stick. Oh yes, they also got the message of Jesus’ death for our sins on the cross!!

We were blessed to pray with three people to ask Jesus into their hearts! Pray for the Lord to bless them, protect them, and help them to grow up and grow closer the the Lord each and every day. Hey, these might be three future evangelists, missionaries, or Bible teachers!!

This was a fun moment at the FCFI booth. FCFI witness Karen Steele reaches to point to a bead to explain what it means. Mom is also pointing to the bead to help with the presentation. Moms do not point to help if they are not all in on the message. Mom loved what her daughter and son were hearing!

A farmer named Steve stopped by the FCFI booth on the first day. He spent a good bit of time talking to us. He was so excited there was a farming ministry working hard out at farming shows to share Jesus within the farming community. We provided him with several supplies and manuals to take to his church to show how easy it is to share the great message of Lord Jesus.

It is always fun to see someone walking with their Wordless Walking Stick around the event hall!

On the first day of the Farm Show a man stopped by explaining to us how he has “adopted” (not in an offical manner) a 12 year old young lady as his granddaughter and was struggling to find more ways to help her grow in Lord Jesus. He said he is closer to her than his own true grandchildren. FCFI witness Karen Steele brought a special Bible from the table in the back of the FCFI booth that is called “Love Letters to Jesus.” She gave it to this man to give to this young lady. The man was so appreciative of being given this for the young lady. The man returned on the second day of the Farm Show with the young lady for her to say thank you to us. It was a tremendous meeting. We had just bought that Bible to give out. FCFI witness Karen saw it at the store and just loved it. She was waiting for a special person to give it to.

This farmer was walking by the FCFI booth when he suddenly stopped. He looked up at the banner and proudly and loudly exclaimed “That is me!! I am a Christian and I am a farmer!” He then says but he has never heard of FCFI. We told him all about the ministry and he loved it. He then left and a short time later was back with his wife and daughter. The picture has his wife next to him. They took all the FCFI information. Again, great people.

A mother and daughter stopped by the FCFI booth on the second day. The daughter received a Wordless Bible Zipper Pull on the first day and was not sure how each of the colors went. So she brought Mom to our booth so we could go through the colors with her. It is always awesome when people that have stopped at the booth are excited to bring others back to us.

These two young men are best friends and Christian brothers in Lord Jesus. They were asked what tractor brand they like best. They both wanted red and white sticks! When they walked away, two young ladies walked up to them and asked how they got such neat sticks. The one boy says it all. He tells them “We are special!” Yes they are!!

It was fun watching the farm families walk among the various tractors and tractor attachments out in front of the FCFI booth. You could see them stop and look at the various farm implements and Dad would stand there explaining how each piece operated and what it’s job was. You could see each of the children glued to Dad’s every word and so very interested. And this was from the oldest child to the youngest child! The farming community is such a special group.

Am I the only one that says “Wow!” at this picture? His grandfather was offered a green and yellow stick due to the JD sweatshirt the young man has on. He told us he really loves Massey Ferguson. So we gave the grandfather a John Deere stick and this young man got his red and white stick! What a beautiful smile!!

Thank you all so much for your patience in viewing our memories.  We will not forget the fantastic times we had in sharing Jesus Christ with this tremendous farming community.

This was FCFI’s second year at this event. Once again it was fun sharing Jesus Christ out in the farming and agricultural community. It appears the event may have been just a little bit smaller than it was in 2023. But they changed the layout and that may be what gives us that impression. We were happy Christian Fellowship Outreach was on the east side of the complex also sharing Jesus with the people.
What a great time serving the Lord!!