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Virginia Farm Show 2023

Virginia Farm Show 2023

A Grand Father and his young grandson get to hear about Lord Jesus from FCFI witness Martha Reese.

FCFI had a great time at the 2023 Virginia Farm Show at Fishersville, VA, and we were thrilled at how the event unfolded.

27 people prayed to receive Jesus into their hearts and lives.
The vendors around us were terrific.  The host of this event was Lee Publications, who also hosts the Keystone Farm Show and Empire Days that FCFI attends.

A bunch of young hunters in camo coats listen as FCFI witness Ernie Reese shares the Wordless Bible to the right while FCFI Martha Reese shares with a young man.

The FCFI had both down time and we had busy times. During the down time we interacted with the vendors around us.
The vendors were thrilled to have FCFI at the show and we exchanged some business cards.

A young lady is interested to see what is in the box and stretches to get a look.  Her father holds the lid open.  She is holding her new FCFI Wordless cross in her hand.

The Virginia Farm Show took place at the Augusta Expo Center in Fishersville, Virginia January 18-20, 2023, led by Michael and Karen Steele.  Also volunteering were Ernie and Martha Reese.

A bus brought 56 students in from a high school 90 minutes away.  They stopped in groups by the FCFI booth and received the salvation message.  A nice number of them prayed and asked Jesus into their hearts!  FCFI witness Ernie Reese shares the message.

Michael Steele reports:

“We have never been at this event before.  It was a little slower on Wednesday but really got busy Thursday between 9:30AM and 12:30PM.  The show hosts were very nice to us and we had great relations with many vendors.  Even though Wednesday started very slow, Thursday was very busy.  The entire region of Virginia is very beautiful.  It was awesome of FCFI National to decide to come to this event.  We were very thrilled we were allowed to represent FCFI at the Virginia Farm Show.”

This young man had lots of interest in what was going on at the Christian stand.  He is a Christian and was very open and fun to share with.  FCFI witness Martha Reese (sitting) watches as FCFI witness Karen Steele talks with him.

“We met a vendor who was thrilled by the FCFI ministry.  He really liked the evangelism.  He said there was a local ministry in Dansville, VA call God’s Pit Stop that also tries to help farmers in need in their area.  He encouraged us to contact them to see if we could help each other. (”

Three young ladies stopped by the booth and FCFI witness Karen Steele (left) steps forward and shares Jesus Christ with them.

1) FCFI witness Karen Steele spoke with a man that received a Wordless Bible bracelet from the local hospital.  He said they always give them out to people.
2) The sheriff of Bass County Virginia stopped by.  He asked for and was given 25 leather bracelets and manuals.  He wanted to give them out to his police force.  He said they were all Christian and would love to have them.  He told us he tells his police force you enjoy the Christian supplies and he will deal with any backlash.
3) Trent Company Crop Insurance was the vendor across the isle from us and was thrilled with the FCFI ministry.  He took a picture of the witnessing going on and came and took a picture of the banner hanging and told us he was going to post it on his church website.  We had a great talk with him and even shared a moment of prayer.  He was given three pieces of literature on the FCFI ministry.
4) A vendor that sells cow washers that was across from us and down the aisle a little was really happy about the presence of FCFI there.  He told us he saw how busy we were.  He told us he will always ask to be near us so his booth should be busy!!
5) Brittany, the Leaf Filter vendor to our right, was so touched by the FCFI ministry.  She had seen a person or two receive Jesus into their lives at church but never out in public.  In relaying this to Karen Steele, Brittany had to turn away for a minute.  She was so touched by what she had seen.  She had several times been amazed at what she saw happening at the FCFI booth with all the people stopping and a lot praying to receive Jesus into their lives.
6) FCFI witness Ernie Reese was amazed.  He talked to and prayed with to receive Jesus, a 90 year old man.  He said he never saw anyone that old open up to Jesus.  Plus, being his advanced age, that he may be closer to meeting the Lord than others.
7) On Saturday there was a lot of witnessing going on.  At one point a collection of young adults stopped by.  Several were saved and several were not.  Those not saved decided to pray and receive Jesus into their hearts and lives.  After they all walked away, another young man around their age stepped up to the table.  FCFI witness Michael Steele, he had received his walking stick and the message moments earlier.  He asked if he was to pray before he walked away. He was asked if he had already received Jesus into his own heart.  He said yes.  He was then told they were praying to receive Jesus which he had already done.  He was told how great of a thing he had done and strongly encouraged in his walk with the Lord.
8) On Wednesday, former National Football League Head Linesman, Earnie Frantz stopped by our booth.  He won the 2020 Art McNally Award for exemplary leadership and commitment on and off the football field.  He stated many of the NFL officials were Catholic and always had prayer time before each game requesting the Lord help them to make all the correct calls.
9) CFO had a stand in Building #2.  John Vogel from CFO stopped by and said hello.  We had a great talk with him.  Always great to see John!!
10)  A man walked into the FCFI booth.  Said he was glad he found us and was ready to get to work.  A minute of talking to him, we found out he was looking for CFO.  We told him we could sure use him.  We told him to tell John Vogel he met us and led him to Jesus so he is ready to help John now.
11)  We were stopped by the two parking attendants for the Va Farm Show.  They said, if possible, they would like walking sticks.  These two young men were around their late 60’s in age and rarely had a chance to sit down.  By the time witness Michael Steele was able to got someone out to them an hour or two later it was raining and the two of them were sitting relaxing under a gazebo staying dry.  FCFI member Michael Steele had a great talk with them both.  They were both very open and very friendly.  Neither was ready to pray and receive Jesus at that moment.  This was on Thursday.  On Friday when we arrived, the older man, Ray, told us he prayed the prayer Thursday night!!  What an awesome way to start our day.  And, it turns out, that these two young men, are brothers!!!  Hopefully Dennis will follow Ray and receive Jesus into his heart.
12)  The FCFI booth was surrounded by so many Christian vendors.  We had a great relationship with everyone around us.  I do not think anything could have really been any better!
13)  We have worked other Farm Shows and get to see the many farmers come past the FCFI booth.  On Friday we found out a high school an hour and a half away brought 56 students to the show.  Probably half to two thirds stopped at the FCFI booth.  In a time when many people can be so self centered, one young student enjoyed his FCFI experience so much that he donated $10.  He told us he wanted to give to FCFI so much.
What a great couple of days serving the Lord!!