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The Shoeman Wants Your Sole!

Your shoe sole, that is!


FCFI is hosting a SHOE DRIVE at the Annual Conference August 2-4, 2013. We have partnered with Shoeman Water Projects, a non-profit that collects shoes (ANY KIND – NEW OR USED!), exports them to street vendors in places like South America, Haiti and Kenya, and the funds from exporting are used to support clean water programs around the world. Since 2008, they have provided clean water in the form of water wells, water purification systems and repaired hand pumps to more than 210,000 people around the world – and they’ve paid for it with shoes!

As farmers, we understand how devastating a lack of water can be – help alleviate that devastation by donating the shoes you don’t wear anymore. Please go through your closets and collect the shoes you don’t wear anymore. Shoeman Water Projects accepts any kind of shoes – boots, sneakers, flip flops, slippers, even roller skates! Rubber band or tie each pair together and bring them in a bag to the Conference. The Shoeman will take it from there and turn the shoes into the life-saving gift of water!Beautiful-listeners-300x225

For more information about Shoeman Water Projects, visit or