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The Pastor’s Piece – October 11, 2020

Fellowship of Christian Farmers

By Kevin Cernek

October 11, 2020


“Don’t Lose Heart”


Life is hard. It always has been and it always will be. We are under attack from all angles, it seems. From politics to culture to family to our own personal religious beliefs – we’re all under attack.

It’s easy to lose heart for many reasons, not the least of which has to do with our own bodies and health.  Just read Ecclesiates chapter 12 if you want to know how bad it can get. It talks about when your eyesight fades, and your hands and legs tremble, and your back bends in weakness, when your teeth fall out and your eyesight fails and your hearing fades and when you’re helpless and at the mercy of everyone else.  That’s a sad commentary. (Solomon says to remember your Creator before those days of trouble come).

Even so, right now, I feel at home in my own body. This is where I live. This is where I experience joy, but also pressure, struggles, and frustrations because that’s just the way life is. But I’m perfectly fine with my own problems in life. Truthfully, I’d rather have my problems than yours. I can deal with mine. I’ve dealt with them already and I know how to live with them. (I can’t live with yours).

But God doesn’t leave us stuck in a world of trouble.  He tells us that as Christians we have another home besides this one prepared for us in Heaven. Not only has God prepared a place for us, but God has prepared us for that place. He sent his Son into the world to make it possible for us to get to that place. And He sends His Spirit into the hearts of His people to prepare them for that place. God has prepared you for something better, so do not lose heart.

Here are 10 opportunities you have to bring joy to Christ that are only possible during your lifetime here on earth.

  1. All the praying you will ever do is the praying you do while you are here on earth. You will not need to pray when you are with Jesus. Your communication will be direct.
  2. All the believing you will ever do is the believing you do while you are here on earth. You won’t need believing when faith has been turned to sight.
  3. All the courage you will ever show is the courage you show in this world. Because there are no dangers in the presence of Jesus.
  4. All the resisting of sin you will ever do is the battling with temptation that you do in this life. There are no sins or temptations for you to fight in the presence of Jesus.
  5. The only opportunities you have to trust God in what you do not understand are here in this world. In the presence of Jesus, all that was hidden will be revealed and faith will be turned into sight.
  6. The only dark places where you can shine like a light are the dark places where God puts you in this world. There are no dark places in the presence of Jesus.
  7. The only patience you will ever show is the patience you have while in the body. There will be no need for patience in the presence of Jesus.
  8. The only bearing witness to Jesus that you will ever do is in this world. There are no lost people in heaven, and those who believe know Him and enjoy Him forever.
  9. The only comfort you will ever give to suffering people, and the only compassion for the poor is the comfort and compassion you give to those who suffer in this world – while you are here in this world. There is no suffering and no poor in the presence of Jesus.
  10. The only sacrifices you will ever make, the only giving you will ever do, the only labor for Christ and His kingdom is what you do in this life. In the presence of Jesus there are no sacrifices. The saints rest from their labors. The only opportunity you will ever have to move beyond your comfort zone for the sake of Christ is now!

There are opportunities to honor Christ now that you will never have again, so seize them! Use them! Make it your aim to please Him! Something glorious comes from your honoring Christ while you endure the difficulties of life here on earth. The Apostle Paul says, “It prepares for you an eternal weight of glory!”

Your life is filled with opportunity. And God tells you this so that you will not lose heart.

(Kevin Cernek is Lead Pastor at Martintown Community Church in Martintown, Wisconsin).