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The Pastor’s Piece – May 29, 2023

The Pastor’s Piece


May 29, 2023

Spring is starting to wind down and summer is knocking on the door. For some reason, this has been one of the most beautiful Springs in my recent memory. When everything turned green a few weeks ago, it turned a deep, lustrous green. Around Easter we had a blast of summer that lasted a few days with sunshine and temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s. Many farmers went crazy in the fields planting their crops. But then it turned wintry again for a few days, and those same ambitious farmers had some time to worry about whether their crops would come up or not. Ah, the life of a farmer. But the crops grew, just like God promised they would. The trees also burst forth in radiant beauty when they budded and their leaves popped out in a glorious display of new life after a harsh, cold winter. I always marvel that anything can grow after the deep frozen winters we have in this part of the country.

My wife hung a wreath on the front door and a hanging basket near the back door. One day she noticed a bird was coming and going from the wreath on the front door and when she looked, she discovered a nest carefully woven among the twigs with four tiny eggs in it. It appears to be a future family of wrens. The front door was then locked and all foot traffic was directed to the back door. One morning, as she took her hanging plant down off the hook in order to water it, she discovered a bird had built a nest in it as well. We watched closely as the momma bird came and went and the closest we can identify it is that it is a red sparrow. I had never heard of a red sparrow before – but this bird is not like the regular sparrow which makes its nest out of straw in trees and the rafters of buildings. This is a dainty little bird that also weaves its nest with twigs and other small debris. Until these birds hatch their eggs, we can’t go in the front door or the back door. That only leaves us one point of entry – the garage. 

With everything happening in society around us where logic and biology seem to have taken a back seat to emotions and feelings, and where there’s a lot of disagreement and screaming going on, there is still an endless amount of natural beauty to enjoy.  Last week my wife and I had the opportunity to drive from our home to Moline, Illinois. As we drove south through Jo Davies County we marveled brand new at the beautiful landscape clothed in the beauty and freshness of Spring. Across the meadows we could see multi-colored wildflowers and around the homesteads the annuals were in bloom and new flowers were growing in pots and gardens as they anticipated warm rain and sunshine. 

From Moline we drove directly to Sauk City, Wisconsin where much of the same beauty was displayed in nature around us. We stopped at the first ever Culver’s restaurant where we enjoyed a delicious meal while visiting with friends we hadn’t seen in a while, and meeting new ones. On the way home, while we were still about an hour away, our neighbor called and said one of our calves had gotten out and was lingering near the road. She said she would try to get it in and would call back if she was not successful. A short while later, my phone rang again and she breathlessly announced that she and two other passersby were unable to corral the rambunctious animal, but they had gotten it to go around to the back of the barn where hopefully it would be content until we arrived. When I arrived I tried walking the calf to the front door of the barn where I hoped it would see the opening and turn and go in. Of course it ran right by – several times. It was like it had no peripheral vision. So I propped a gate up in the doorway, parked a pickup and a skid loader end to end with the gate, and with the assistance of my helpful nephew we got the calf back in with the others. This same calf has gotten out three times now. I walked the fence, but did not find an obvious escape route, but one more time and it will be moved to a more confined area. 

Graduation parties – My wife and I have attended five parties so far, with five more on the calendar. When I see these young people, my hope for the future is renewed. There is such a wide range of interest in their prospective careers – from cosmetology, to nursing, to farmer, to animal biologist, to graphic designer, to “I’m just going to keep the job I have and make a career out of it.” The hopes and dreams of our young people are inspiring and encouraging. These parties are a great time to catch up with people you only see once a year. It’s almost like attending family reunions. The food is great and abundant. So far we’ve had tacos, hot dogs, barbeque, shredded beef, pulled pork, cake, cookies, cupcakes and ice cream. 

Life is good. Another season of promise is upon us with the beauty of summer close at hand. Enjoy the days God has given you and give thanks for His bountiful blessings in life. 

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever,” (Psalm 107:1).

(Kevin Cernek is Lead Pastor of Martintown Community Church in Martintown, Wisconsin).