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The Harvest

"We Plant - God gives the increase" - 1 Cor. 3:6-9
"The Fields Are White for the Harvest"

Dr Charles Stanley had this to say concerning "Leaving a legacy." "The greatest legacy we can leave is our faith."

From the song by Ray Boltz – "I dreamed I went to heaven, and you were there with me. We walked on Streets of Gold, beside the crystal sea. . . You used to teach my Sunday School . .

Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Have you accepted Him as your Savior? The colored beads we use attached to our walking sticks, tell the wonderful story of God's love for us...

I don't often use others' writing but I thought this note from our daughter Lorri fit this statement and headline so well. She wrote this upon her return after assisting in the FCF Disaster Relief Mission Trip in November, to Arcadia and Ft Myers, FL. after hurricanes Ian & Nicole. It was the first such trip for her...

Commitment- Webster defines commitment as being dedicated to a cause or activity. It means devotion loyalty, faithfulness, and many other things...

It's been quite a year so far but we believe the best is yet to come. So, with what has occurred and who knows what is still ahead, I have a couple of thoughts to help us keep our feet on Higher Ground.

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