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Testimonies from the Field

Testimonies from the Field!

We’d like to share a few testimonies that came to us in the past couple of months. FCF receives many of them and they encourage us as we work at events sharing our faith.

Debbie Marmon “This ministry saved our family four years ago” From a letter dated August 30, 2107

Dear Kathy,
Enclosed is the donation we spoke about over the phone. I hope you are able to find a

moment in your busy schedule to send me six bracelets for my Dad. He is still in a nursing home rehab center and wears his bracelet I brought him from your booth in Boonville, NY. He wears the bracelet every day and recites the meaning of the beads. He shares it with other patients. He has committed them to memory as he is legally blind, and cannot read the card. It will bring Dad much joy to share the bracelets you send as he spreads the word of God.

Have a blessed day, Mary


A Happening at the FCFI Tent

It was late on Sunday afternoon at the Eden Corn Festival. We had had a very busy day of sharing God’s grace and forgiveness with several hundred people using the colored breads. We were taking down the tent and loading the truck when three black ladies (I am guessing in their thirties) stopped and asked, “What’s this with the sticks? We see many people walking around with them.” I told them about the Fellowship, that we shared the message of the beads at many farm shows, fairs and festivals around the US and Canada and then shared the message with them. When I asked them if they knew where they would send eternity they said, “Oh, Yes, we are born again and spirit filled Christians.” I then asked if there was anything else we could pray about. They said “No, but we would like to pray for you.” They prayed for me, for the Festival, all the people that heard the gospel message and for the future success of FCFI. I would not trade that experience for anything.

Submitted by Clark Phillips and his typist (wife) Sue, North Collins, NY


Workers excited to help

Larry Kelley, from Barnsdall, OK, stopped by the FCFI booth at the Tulsa Farm Show last year and got all excited about the way FCF does evangelism and has now gotten involved working with us at the Ozark Farm Fest and this year returned to help at the Tulsa Farm Show, working throughout the entire show. Larry feels that FCFI has a great way to share the gospel. We also had two other men, both Native Americans who have helped at the Tulsa Show. William French and Mike Wofford have been a real blessing and an answer to prayer for more workers.

Submitted by Jeff Goss – Area Leader – High Ridge, MO