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“Super Cell” Tornado Relief

The Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International has set up a base camp in Henryville, Indiana, to begin the long recovery campaign from an EF-4 tornado that hit this southern Indiana town’s people on Friday, March 2nd.  Farmers who know how to run loaders and chain saws will be needed in the rural areas surrounding Henryville.  Fencing repairs on pasture land will be needed immediately.  Farmers across the Midwest are busy with spring planting, but have all experienced a disaster where neighbors came to help them.  There is no such thing as well timed disaster.  FCFI Rapid Response Coordinators John Adams, Crestwood, Kentucky and Melvin Bell, Mahomet, Illinois are organizing this relief effort.

Farmers from Covington, Ohio, volunteering for the Fellowship of Christian Farmers. Pictured along the fence line, left to right, are Alan Morrow, Duane Apple, and Dan Batdorf.

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Dan Batdorf, Covington, Ohio, using a wire stretcher to repair fencing on John Ryan’s farm in Henryville, Indiana

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Pine tree stripped bare from the March 2nd tornado in Henryville, Indiana.


These storms hit at a time of the year when most farmers are busy.  The Fellowship of Christian Farmers invites retired farmers, church groups, and FFA Chapters to consider traveling to the Fellowship’s base camp in Henryville, Indiana, to begin helping our Indiana neighbors.

Contact the FCFI Home Office to register your team to be part of the “Henryville, Indiana Super Cell Tornado Relief” campaign.


phone: 309-365-8710
cell/text: 309-530-7004