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We focus on Students & Growth because if you tend to a future farmer well, you will… Watch Hope Grow

Farmers across the US, Canada, and in New Zealand may have no idea how much support they could have in a moment’s notice. When trouble hits, without any support, it’s easy to feel isolated, alone, and helpless. No one who works as hard as a farmer deserves to ever be stranded without Hope.

We offer support to farmers across the US, Canada, and New Zealand when they need it most by turning Compassion into Action.

Sometimes “support” looks like rebuilding fences or cleaning barns. It may look like a friendly conversation or introducing them to a new friend who also knows what life’s like on the farm. Many times, it’s getting on our knees and praying for God to come rescue the sick, the lost, and the hurting.

We believe, “If you tend to a farmer well, you will watch Hope grow.”

Find a Mentor

How to Make an Impact

We’re looking for volunteers who are ready to:

1 Bring Jesus

We cannot bring lasting Hope if we do not trust the Master of Hope, Jesus.

2 Bring Work Gloves

Love requires action. We put in real time and effort and are not afraid to get messy.

3 Bring “The Farm”

We give all we’ve got and make every effort to relate to life on a farm.

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Love Put Into Action

Volunteers can expect to do these every day:

1 Pray for Others

Partner with what God is already doing in another’s life.

2 Lend a Hand

Be ready to pitch in wherever help is needed most.

3 Be a Friend

Smile, listen, and genuinely care for the one in front of you.

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