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State FFA Conventions!

Latest news concerning 2020 FFA Conventions –> FCFI News Update 2/11/2020

Executive Director Dennis Schlagel with some Colquit, Georgia FFA students

Well, the weather is finially (mostly) getting warmer, and the schedule for state FFA Conventions is heating up as well. In this past week or two, the Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International participated in the Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Georgia state FFA Conventions.


Area Leader Mike Weaver praying with Arkansas FFA students

When the door closed to the National FFA convention it seemed devastating because we were reaching FFA kids from around the nation for Jesus. But now I see that God has turned this into good. He led us to start doing the State FFA conventions which have been even more fruitful and we are able to reach even more kids.

Area Leader Jeff Goss using the Wordless Walking Stick to share the Gospel with Arkansas FFA students

With the National convention not all the kids would visit our tent but with the state conventions the majority of the thousands attending them are coming to our booth. They seem very focused on the Gospel message we share and they have been very receptive. So literally thousands of these kids have prayed the sinners prayer with us. We have also given out New Testaments and other follow up literature to them.


View above the Georgia State FFA Convention

A lot of time at the state conventions the same kids will come back to our booth with friends so we can share with them the Gospel message or they just want to hear more about FCFI and how to get involved. One mother from Arkansas contacted us through Facebook and said she wanted to reach out and thank us for ministering to her daughter at the Arkansas state convention because her daughter was “very touched.”


Jeff Mings with a huge crowd of Missouri FFA students

We have had a multitude of FFA teachers, students, and even other vendors at the conventions thank us just like this Arkansas mother, for us presenting the Gospel and being there for them.

Lots of walking sticks to give away at the Missouri State FFA Convention as Jim Hart from Galatia, Illinois shares the Gospel


Mike Weaver shares with Nebraska FFA students

They know this is the only answer and hope for AMERICA so they are very grateful we are giving them the Good News. I can safely say this has been worth all the effort to travel to the different states and getting all the resources ready for the shows.


Jeff Goss shares with Oklahoma FFA students

Cattleman Larry Kelly sharing the Gospel with a couple of Oklahoma FFA students

Area Leader Jeff Goss added that he really believes a Jesus revival is happening through all of this. Please pray in advance for Jeff Goss, Mike Weaver, and their volunteer work crews as they minister to our young FFA students in future state conventions, and pray for the fruitful lives of those touched by this ministry, the Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International, and thank you for your support!  Here is Jeff’s commentary.  Must see!  –> Jeff talks about FFA