30th Annual FCFI Conference is upon us! Video recaps will be available afterwards if you can’t make it!

Spring State FFA Conventions in Full Swing!

Spring State FFA Conventions in Full Swing!

FCFI Area Leader Jeff Goss shares the Gospel with South Dakota FFA students

The Fellowship of Christian Farmers is very busy with farm shows, disaster relief, and now state FFA conventions.  Area Leaders Jeff Goss and Mike Weaver are heading up small teams of volunteers who present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our young future farmers at state FFA conventions all over the country.  We have now visited more than half of the state conventions, and still have hopes of getting back into the National FFA Convention, with God’s help.

Glenn Schuller chats with Iowa FFA students.  Don Miske and Area Leader Mike Weaver stand by.

Watch a report from Jeff Goss here –> Jeff Goss Report

Karen Hembrough shares the Gospel with a large group at the Missouri State FFA Convention

There is a lot of “behind the scenes” work to do to make a successful exhibit at a farm show, county fair, or FFA Convention.  It starts in the home office in Lexington, Illinois.  Jody Kritzmire works with event organizers all over the country to sign up for show space, arrange payment to exhibit at the show, get the show on the website calendar, and arrange volunteers to present the Gospel at the show.  Executive Director Dennis Schlagel has led the Fellowship of Christian Farmers for over 30 years, and his vast knowledge and contacts in the agriculture industry make it possible to spread the Word far and wide.  The supplies used at the shows include tracts, brochures, manuals, gel bracelets, and, of course, the famous Wordless Walking Sticks, all organized from the home office.  Walking sticks are cut and assembled at a small warehouse near the home office, and also in Marcy, New York, under the direction of Area Leader Bill Brown.  The number of walking sticks given away is over one million.  How many have been saved through this ministry?  Only God knows.  When we are gifted with Eternity, we will know, too.

FCFI Area Leader Mike Weaver shares the Gospel with a large group of FFA students at the Arkansas State FFA Convention.

All of our volunteers are well versed in the Bible, and totally can be identified by this verse:

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”  John 13:34-35

All of our volunteers who present the Gospel live this verse.  They have love for each other and love for those they come into contact with on a daily basis, whether at a farm show, or in a random parking lot.  Time is getting short.  We are now in a time where God is calling ALL to Himself, the final harvest?  Perhaps.  Today is the day to choose God, and His plan.  How easy did God make salvation for us?  We do nothing and add nothing.  Jesus did it all.  Only His sacrifice is suitable to the Father.  We just accept it, claim it, apply it to our lives.  You can compare it to a traffic court judge that rules you guilty, but then pays your fine for you.  

“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”  Romans 6:23

FCFI Area Leader Jeff Goss growing the Kingdom

Are you interested in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ to lost souls?  Maybe that’s not your thing, but you like helping farmers recover from disaster.  Or maybe you want to assemble walking sticks, or help with mailings, or delivering supplies to our workers.  There are lots of ways to serve the Lord and help people in need when you partner with the Fellowship of Christian Farmers.  And prayers and financial support are always appreciated.

Photo of the Day on fcfi.org

Wisconsin Sunset submitted by Don Miske, FCFI Member and John Deere tractor restorer extrordinaire!

The Photo of the Day is a page on our website fcfi.org.  From the home page, scroll down to find the photo of the day, and click in the small picture frame to reveal the photo of the day,  This is open to everyone (especially you, New Zealand!!).  Send photos to jerry@fcfi.org and I will post it!

As always, thank you for your support, without which we would not be able to spread the Gospel to our young future farmers!