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Show Time!

Show Time! Home Show and Arts and Crafts Fair

Hello to all of our wonderful brothers and sisters in Lord Jesus!!

We have been very busy having three shows in four weeks and some long miles logged to get to them.
We attended the Ocean City MD Home, Condo, and Outdoor Show Arts and Crafts Fair March 17, 18, and 19, 2023.
This has been a slower show for us.
This was only our third year at it.
We did hear this year that prior to covid hitting the world in 202 this show was very busy.
We were blessed to see some busy times this year!
We had great interaction with all the show attendees and the vendors that stopped by as well.

The FCFI sand art table was just on the outside of our booth. Here, a brother and sister whose mother runs the Library stand on the other side of the FCFI booth stops by to make necklaces. FCFI witness Karen Steele (left ) shares the wonderful message of the colors. FCFI witness Ernie Reese watches on.
A husband and wife stop to hear about this “New” ministry! FCFI witness Ernie Reese (left) explains how we use the Wordless Bible colors to share the Gospel of Lord Jesus.
The young lady above, even as young as she is, needs the walker to get around. She stopped and worked her way over to our “Jesus Box” to look inside. She then stepped back and with a smile slowly spoke and said Jesus struggled for us so badly. She clinched her arms across her chest and fought back tears and said he struggled for us all really badly. The FCFI witnesses were almost in tears watching the true love of this young lady for her Savior. Even though she struggled to walk and to talk, she loved Jesus with all her heart. The FCFI witness proceeded to place a manual in her bag on her walker. This young lady saw it was going in upside down and she pointed out we must correct it. Jesus may fall out. She even saw Jesus in the manual. She saw what so many of us miss.

York RV Show

We had a great time sharing Lord Jesu down at the York RV Show at the York Fairgrounds in York, Pa.
This was a three day show running March 10, 11, and 12, 2023.
We prayed with 17 people to ask Jesus into their hearts!!
This is a great show set in the middle of around 300 travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motor coaches.
We talked with a lot of people and shared Jesus with all who would listen.

A family stops for walking sticks. FCFI witness Karen Steele (denim) shares with Gram while FCFI witness Ernie Reese shares with Mom and son.
FCFI witness Karen Steele kneels down to share with the young man. We do not want to tower over anyone and be intimidating to them and so we come down to the level of those we are talking to. Dad stands behind and Mom smiles looking from a couple steps back.
Two FCFI witnesses sharing Lord Jesus. This was a very common site. Two gentlemen listen on the left as FCFI witness Ernie Reese (vest) shares the salvation message of Lord Jesus with them. On the right FCFI witness Michael Steele (tan shirt) shares the Gospel of Lord Jesus. The father was all in but the younger man was not, at that moment “A happy camper.” He was very respectful through the message but he was not interested at all.
Two young brothers from the Christian family that runs the Island Campground. They are the Thomas boys!!

Thank you for checking out all the great interactions that occurred at the 2023 York RV Show!!  And thank you for your support!