Prayer Guide and Devotional – May 12, 2024

Prayer Guide and Devotional

2 Peter 1:5

add to your faith virtue

My cell phone has all these special functions: memos, notes, calendar, calculator, and all these different noises. All this amazing potential for my phone and I just use it for the normal calling, texting, and email. That can be how us Christians are. There are so many more levels to following Jesus than just going to church. But we do not rise to higher levels. Do you mean I could do more as a follower of Jesus? Yes and one big way is told us right here in 2 Peter – Add to your faith virtue. Notice, the word, add. Addition is an action we must do. In mathematics, addition brings increase. When we add to our faith virtue, we are increasing our level of following Lord Jesus. Virtue is moral excellence, righteousness, and goodness (and a whole lot more – look at all those things in that picture!!)How many of the virtues above have you added to your resume? Don’t just profess your faith in Jesus and then continue to live your same old life as usual. Live a life of excellence, righteousness, and goodness knowing you are pleasing God and not man. Work hard to live a virtuous life of treating people the exact same way Lord Jesus would if He was standing right beside you. After all, He is!!

Lord, I want to do so much more for You. I want to live my life completely devoted to You and have strong and true Christian morals so that everyone will know I am one with You. Help me in my weaknesses and make them my strengths. I love You, Lord! In Jesus name, Amen!!

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