Prayer Guide and Devotional – March 28, 2024

Prayer Guide and Devotional

1 Peter 2:24

who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness—by whose stripes you were healed.

When Christ went to the cross, He bore our sins IN Him. Not on Him. Something on you can fall off or be knocked off. You can be sure if Jesus went to the cross with our sins on Him, satan would have been trying to wash them off or knock them off to prevent Jesus from fulling His earthly mission of salvation of allmankind. And just as Jesus died for our sins, we are then dead to all of our sins. Do not look back at your sins and do not chase after them. Let go of your past. Jesus died to wash away ALL of your sins so do not dwell on them. By Jesus stripes He received leading up to the cross and His enduring the salvation process, we are all healed. That is physical healing, emotional healing, spiritual healing! We just have to come to the foot of the cross and receive that eternal salvation. Have you asked Jesus into your heart and life? Have you received Jesus free gift of healing and freedom from your sins? Please do not wait another moment. Shout out right now “Jesus I am healed because of Your cross!!”

Prayer Requests!!

Please pray that people come to Jesus at the foot of the cross today.

Please pray for our pastors and those involved in spreading the Gospel. Many will have an opportunity to reach people this Easter season.

Please pray for Patrick Jensen. Doctors are having trouble diagnosing what is wrong. He’s lost 20 lbs and is a slight man already so can’t afford to lose weight. He has severe headaches. Please ask for wisdom that the Doctor’s can figure out what’s going on. Keep Linda in your prayers as well, Patrick’s wife, as she tries to help as best she can.

Please pray for JM that her farm would sell very soon. It has been a financial burden and a tremendously difficult place to maintain by herself. Lots of spiritual warfare. She has a buyer but they are dragging their feet and may not have the money – meanwhile it is off the market to others who might consider buying it.

Pray for everyone involved with the bridge collapse in Baltimore, MD.

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