Prayer Guide and Devotional – March 25, 2024

Prayer Guide and Devotional

Mark 6:7

And He called the twelve to Himself, 

and began to send them out two by two

It came time for Jesus to send His disciples out into the world. They were going to start preaching all that Jesus had been teaching. When Jesus sent them out, He did not do so individually. He sent them out in pairs. This does several things. First, when alone they could be falsely accused. You would always have the other person as a witness to all that was said and done. So it was for accountability. Second, you would have physical protection. Should one be accosted they would have the other person to help them. Third, it is good to have that other person to talk to and to discuss what you are doing and to encourage each other in their ministry. This is also encouraged today. When you go out to minister, it is always encouraged to take a second person with you. Especially when ministering to the opposite sex. In this case, it would be strongly encouraged to have your partner be the same sex as the person you are witnessing to. This is good in case of false accusations. It is tremendously satisfying going out and sharing Jesus message of hope and love to the world. Encourage each other and learn from each other the best way to share the salvation message of Lord Jesus in various circumstances and situations.

Lord, I know You have my entire life in Your hands. When You place me in a situation where I am to share Lord Jesus, please help me to always have a friend with me if it is more of a private setting. I know that You are always there, but the evil one is always prowling around and trying to ensnare Your children. Please, let Your Holy Spirit give me Godly wisdom and help me to always follow it and not place myself in a precarious situation. I love You Lord!! In Jesus Name, Amen!!

Prayer Requests!!!

Pray for Israel in their war against Hamas.

Pray for FCFI witnesses sharing Jesus March 24-27 Tennessee FFA Convention, Gatlinburg Convention Center, Gatlinburg, TN, Mike Weaver

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