Prayer Guide and Devotional – March 24, 2024

Prayer Guide and Devotional

Mark 14:35-36

Going a little farther, He fell to the ground and prayed that if possible, the hour might pass from Him. ABBA, Father, He said, everything is possible for You. Take this cup from Me. Yet not what I will but what You will.

Jesus was hurting. He knows what lies before Him. If He is to fulfill this earthly mission the Lord has sent Him on, He must suffer torture and death on the cross. Jesus knew the Lord was capable of doing all things and so He asked, if possible, could salvation of mankind come another way. But Jesus knew there was no other way and so Jesus suffered the torture and went to the cross carrying all our sins in Him. Jesus taught us, though Salvation is freely given, it costs our God everything! 

Lord, I thank You so much that You are God. Your love for me is limitless. And Jesus loved me so much, He continued with His mission of washing my sins away by enduring torture, pain, and shame on that cross. Jesus never deserved that. He is our King and and Savior. But, Jesus endured all He did, so I can be with my God eternally in heaven. Thank you so much! I love You!! In Jesus name. Amen!!

Prayer Requests!!!

Pray for Israel in their war against Hamas.

Palm Sunday! Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!

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