Prayer Guide and Devotional – March 14, 2024

Prayer Guide and Devotional

James 2:19

You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble!

James just gets done explaining how faith without works is dead. In other words, if we have true faith it will be seen in and through our actions. James then goes on to say that even demons believe in God and Jesus and tremble. They tremble because they do nothing for others (no works). This is a reminder that it takes more than just believing in God to get to heaven. These demons are not going to heaven, yet they have belief in God. But they will never accept God and Jesus as THEIR God. Someone said to me recently that all it takes is believing in God to get to heaven. There is no sinners prayer in the Bible. No, there is not a sinners prayer. But it is made clear that we cannot get to heaven without having total faith that Jesus death on the cross and resurrection cleaned us of our sins and receiving Jesus personally for this. That free gift from Jesus is not ours until we reach out and accept it. Demons will not reach out and accept it. We cannot get to heaven in just believing Jesus is the Son of God and not personally receiving Him into our hearts and lives. There are a lot of people that believe in Jesus but do not want to commit to a relationship with Him. They want to live their lives as they want and not be responsible to God for their actions. Believe and take action! Ask Jesus into your heart today!! Don’t spend eternity down with those nasty demons because you too believe but do not accept Jesus as your God. 

Lord, I am so thrilled that Jesus died for my sins. And I want You and Jesus and Your Holy Spirit to be a major part of my life. I do not want to try and live each day on my own. I totally surrender to You Lord God and Lord Jesus. And I want every part of You in every part of me to lead me. I cannot have this with belief alone. Jesus, You are my Lord and God and ask You to live in my heart and guide me through this world. In Jesus Name, Amen!!

Prayer Requests!!!

Pray for Israel in their war against Hamas.

Pray for FCFI witnesses sharing Jesus March 14-15 Utah FFA, 

Utah State University, Logan UT, Jeff Goss

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