Prayer Guide and Devotional – June 30, 2024

Prayer Guide and Devotional

John 21:7

Therefore that disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter,

“It is the Lord!”

It must have been exciting. The disciples were blessed to follow Jesus around on His earthly mission of teaching the disciples and the people and performing amazing miracles. So when they saw Jesus on the shore they knew who it was. But, God and Jesus are so much more than this. So often our only thoughts and impressions of God or Jesus are of someone we cannot see residing up in heaven. So often we think of God and Jesus only as a being or a person and cannot focus beyond that. But, God and Jesus are so much more! Look at the amazing mountains, rivers, lakes, clouds, mist in the trees, or even amazing architecture in so many buildings, and you are seeing God. God has given man the ability to create so much from man’s own mind and creativity. And God Himself has created so much wonder in the world. Now when you look and see the amazing gigantic mountains, the flowers covering a field with an amazing array of color, a tiny honey bee drifting from flower to flower, a bear cub romping around like a little puppy, a sun that has been burning in the sky forever and has not burned out, and who cannot be amazed by the wonder when looking to the heavens and finding a beautiful layer of shining stars, you are seeing God through His creation. So, go ahead and roll down your car window and shout out “It is the Lord!” 
Pray that people will realize they are looking at God’s handiwork when they look at this awesome world. Hey, don’t just look at the creation, but look to the marvelous creator!
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