Prayer Guide and Devotional – June 25, 2024

Prayer Guide and Devotional

Jeremiah 23:24

Can anyone hide himself in secret places, So I shall not see him?” says the Lord; “Do I not fill heaven and earth?” says the Lord.

You are driving down the road doing the speed limit. You look ahead and do not see a police car sitting anywhere so you pick your speed up a little. Still no police in sight so you go faster yet. Your thought is if you cannot see the police then they cannot see you. So many people view the Lord this very same way. Since they cannot see the Lord than He cannot see them. They will do what they want and will not be guilty because the Lord is not watching, They think they are hiding their actions and thoughts and words from God! But the Lord reminds us that He is everywhere. He is so immense He fills the heavens and the earth. Whether in the brightness of the day or the darkness of the night, the Lord can see our actions and He knows our hearts and thoughts. You are seen by God every second of your life. We cannot run from God and we cannot hide from God. If we really thought about that, would we act differently?? 
Lord, You are an immense and wonderful God. I know You are everywhere at once and are watching over everyone and everything in this world without a moments break. Help me to live life pleasing to You. Help me, even when alone, to speak kind and loving words and have kind and loving thoughts. You love me so much that I want so strongly to live life according to Your will and desires. In Jesus name, Amen!! 

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Prayer Requests!

Please pray the generation with young children will have a spiritual awakening…many of them were not raised in church…please pray for a hungering in them for God’s awareness and for their salvation.

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