Prayer Guide and Devotional – June 19, 2024

Prayer Guide and Devotional

Isaiah 64:8

But now, O Lord,You are our Father;We are the clay, and You our potter;And all we are the work of Your hand.
It is amazing all the people that constantly reject the Lord. After all, He created us, not the other way around. So many people go through life with no thoughts or passion regarding the one that created them. Just as a potter creates different pieces of art and utensils for specific functions, the Lord has created each of us for a specific purpose. And the created piece by a potter has a specific role or responsibility or function. That is just as it is regarding each of us being created by God. We live our own life and go down our own path. Some live a life of day to day survival, some get in trouble and spend much time and energy dealing with where that takes us, and some go on to lead others whether in business or from the front of a church. But each one of us was created by God for a specific purpose and if we are to fulfill the reason we were each created we must focus our entire attention on serving the Lord and fulfilling His desires for us. Push forth to get closer to the Lord, learn your specific purpose for the Lord, and fulfill it for the Lord. After all, He is our Glorious Heavenly Father! He is the potter. We are the clay. He is the creator! We are the created! 
Pray that all people will realize they are the clay and not the creator and they were created to serve the purposes of God. Have you asked the Lord what you were created for and how you can serve Him best? Are you in the hand of the potter?

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Prayer Requests!

Please pray for workers and consider being a part of the clean up and restoration of the devastated areas after the tornadoes ripped through our country.
An 11 year old child was hit by a line drive in a Little League game in the Albany, NY area. 

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