Prayer Guide and Devotional – June 16, 2024

Prayer Guide and Devotional

Job 3:1-4

After this, Job opened his mouth and cursed his day.  Then Job answered and said: “May the day I was born perish,

    and the night that said,

    ‘A man is conceived!’

 That day—may it be darkness;

    may God above not regard it;

    may no light shine on it.

Everyone has seen bad days in their lives. We may ask the Lord why He allowed us to go through them. Maybe even ask God if He created that bad day for us. Being human we will all go through hard times. Job was no different. He lost a lot. Job lost his children, all his animals, and many servants. He did not know the Lord had allowed the enemy to effect Job’s life, short of killing him. Job cursed the day he was born because of all the problems in his life. But, the Lord was there to help Job through every second of it. The Lord knew there was strength in Job. The Lord would not allow Job to go through something to difficult for him. We all have our bad days, just like Job. But our bad days are not near as disastrous as Job’s. And, just like Job, through all of our difficult times, remember, the Lord is there with us. He is waiting for us to reach out to the Lord and ask for His help. We are all very special and very important to the Lord. We are not here on this earth by accident. The Lord knows each of us personally and loves us very, very much! Through the toughest times call out to the Lord and sing praises to Him. Don’t curse the day of your birth as Job did. Shout praises to the Lord! You are so important to Him that He gave you life. He knows you have the right stuff to make it through any trials. He would not have allowed it to happen if you were not strong enough.

Lord, some days just feel so much harder to get though than others. I do not understand why they may occur, but I ask You to always be with me and help me bear up under any burden I must face. And help me be there for other people when they must go through difficult times to help them carry their burdens and help remind them You are there ready to help them. In Jesus name, Amen!!

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