Prayer Guide and Devotional – June 14, 2024

Prayer Guide and Devotional

1 Timothy 4:6

Nourish yourselves spiritually on the Words of faith.

We all know how to nourish our bodies. When our bodies require nourishment we  know it is time to eat. How do you nourish your spirit? Our spirits require  nourishment just as our bodies do. And, just as eating food helps our bodies to  grow stronger, nourishing our spirits helps our spirits to grow stronger. When you  hear, read, and study the Lord’s Word, you are nourishing your spirit. We all  know about nourishing our bodies by eating good food so that our bodies  do not grow weak. We need to nourish our spirits so that they do not grow  weak. When you are nourished on God’s Word, your spirit will grow stronger and  you will live a stronger life in Lord Jesus.

Nourish yourself! Read that Bible! Do not allow your spirit to go hungry. 

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Pray for FCFI witnesses sharing Jesus June 13-15 Red Power Showdown,  Bloomsburg, PA, Doc Devoe 

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