Prayer Guide and Devotional – February 29, 2024

Prayer Guide and Devotional

Jeremiah 2:2

Even if you wash with detergent and use a lot of soap,

I would still see the stains from your wickedness,”

declares the Almighty Lord.

When we get really dirty from working at our jobs, working in the garden, cleaning out the basement, or even out playing one of our favorite sports, we just head home and get a really hot bath or shower. We use lots of soap and shampoo and clean up so nice. We are then ready to put on our best clothes and head out for a nice dinner, movie, or to spend time with others. At this moment I must be clean enough to enter heaven!! This may make us feel really clean. But even with all that scrubbing, we are not clean enough to enter the gates of heaven. The dirt that we must get rid of, that keeps us from entering heaven, is a dirt deep down inside of us that our soaps and shampoos can never reach. No, we must get rid of all those hidden nasty stains from our sins that we have closed deep down inside of us. We think nobody can see them and nobody is aware of them, so I am clean enough for God. We all must know that God can see down into the deepest hidden parts of us. And it is those parts that must be totally clean for us to go to heaven. God sees our sin stained souls and there is not a soap or cleaner created that can wash those sins away. God is perfect. And we must be perfect to be with Him in heaven. Then you realize and say “I can never be clean enough for God!” That is exactly why Jesus died on the cross! He died on the cross to wash ALL PEOPLE clean from those dirty sins that we cannot get rid of ourselves. We can wash with the strongest soap and scrub as hard as possible but we will never be clean enough to be with the Lord in heaven. Come to Jesus today. Receive Him into your heart for His death on the cross. That is the only way of removing those deep down dirty sins. Allow Jesus to make you clean from your sins in the eyes of God! Jesus is your only hope. Jesus is your super soap!!

Lord, I know there is no way for me to make myself clean enough to enter those wonderful gates leading into heaven. My thoughts, my words, and my actions have stained my soul and are offensive to You. I know my only way to spend an eternity with You is to come to the foot of the cross. Jesus, I come to You now and ask You to come into my heart and life. Cleanse me from my horrible sins with Your life saving blood. Only with Jesus can I be clean enough to enter heaven. Thank You Lord! In Jesus name, Amen!!

Prayer Requests!!!

Pray for Israel in their war against Hamas.

Please pray for commodity prices to stay high enough for our farmers to be able to make a living while feeding the world.

Please keep Judy Hale in your prayers. 

The request above is from Pastor Andy Ward.

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