Prayer Guide and Devotional – April 7, 2024

Prayer Guide and Devotional

1 Corinthians 9:5

Do we not have the right to bring a believing wife with us when we travel as do the other apostles and the Lord’s brothers and Peter?

Paul was questioning why Barnabas and himself had to work while working hard to travel and share Lord Jesus with the world. He was pointing out to the people that others within ministry were doing the same ministry work as him but they were not forced to continue working to provide for the essentials needed to live. And even back then, husband and wife were traveling together in ministry, taking Lord Jesus’ message of love and hope and peace to the world. Paul points out people as prominent as Jesus’ brothers and even the Apostle Peter were taking their wives with them. The Lord does not want to separate husband and wife. He knows there is a special strength as long as they are together. Even though these Godly men may have had families, they knew the right thing to do was have their wives at their sides. This holds true even today. To leave your spouse at home is like leaving half of yourself at home. How effective can you be when your thoughts are on those back home? Be whole, be together. 

Lord, I thank You so much for having someone very special in my life and at my side. I pray for all those married couples that they would remain together while sharing Lord Jesus. And for those that are single that they realize, if You have someone special for them, they are to continue serving You and that You will bring them together. In the mean time, those that are single are to continue serving You with their complete mind, body, spirit, and soul! In Jesus Name I ask, Amen!!

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