Prayer Guide and Devotional – April 3, 2024

Prayer Guide and Devotional

Revelation 21:21

And the street of the city (Heaven) was pure gold,

like transparent glass.

God’s Word is telling us the streets of Heaven are pure gold and transparent like glass! I always wondered what does that actually mean “like transparent glass.” Then, I heard someone on the radio say even on earth, when gold is pure, with no contaminants, it is transparent! He said most of the gold on earth has some amount of impurity to it and that is what we see, the solid gold look we think of. God is telling us that the gold streets of heaven are so clean and pure that they are transparent! God does not even have impurity in the streets of heaven!! If there is no impurity in the streets of heaven, how can we enter heaven with impurities within us? The answer is we can not. We can only enter heaven when we receive Jesus into our hearts and then we are pure, because Jesus is pure. It is nothing that we do, it is simply believing in Jesus and receiving His free gift.

We pray, Lord, that people will realize, by receiving Jesus into their hearts, they are purifying themselves to be allowed to someday be in heaven to wander God’s pure streets of gold!! Jesus, come into my heart and life and wash my sins away! Make me pure like those gold streets of heaven!! In Jesus name, Amen!!

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