Prayer Guide and Devotional – April 28, 2024

Prayer Guide and Devotional

Joshua 24:15

“But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Look back to Joshua in the Old Testament. The Israelites had come out of slavery to Egypt, and after 40 years, the Lord brought them into the Promised Land. But this Promised Land had residents already there. The Israelites were instructed to go in and get rid of those inhabitants. They were to wipe them out completely. The Israelites were the Chosen People of the Lord and the Promised Land was to be perfect. But the Israelites did not rid the land of all the people. They kept the false gods and the alters the former residents worshiped these false gods at. Joshua reminded these people of the Lord’s blessings and how He has taken care of them. Joshua was not going to force the Israelites to follow God. Joshua remembered all the people went through. He remembered how the Lord saved them and blessed them. Joshua was not about to turn from God now. He boldly told the people, that Joshua and his family would always serve the Lord. Today, all of us Christians can take our relationship with the Lord further than an occasional devotion and one hour a week in church. Proclaim to the world, just as Joshua did, that you and your house serve the Lord! Joshua, as head of the family, was instructing his family that there would be no false gods and no false idols in there house. Let us do the same. Proclaim your devotion to the Lord today. Now that you are saved, do not slide back into a life spent away from God and His love. Joshua told the entire population of Israelites that his house serves the Lord. Are you telling your family and friends that your house serves the Lord??

Lord, I pray that people in the world today will to lead their households in serving the You!! And that they will encourage their family and friends to devote their homes and their families to serve and follow You all the days of their lives. In Jesus name, amen!!

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Prayer Requests!!!

Please pray for those who are struggling to find their way in life. May they find that Jesus is the answer they are seeking.

Pray for Paul and Suzanne Nyman. Suzanne is battling cancer. It came on quick. This has been a struggle for all family members. Pray for the Lord’s will to be done and for all family and friends to have peace in such a difficult time.

Prayers for Adam, Ashley, and Anna. They are all family who reject Jesus Christ. Pray their hearts soften and they comer to Jesus.

Pray for Terri. Pray for her financial situation and her living conditions. She often fears due to a difficult neighborhood. 

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