Prayer Guide and Devotional – April 1, 2024

Prayer Guide and Devotional

Psalm 14:1

Fools say to themselves, “There is no God!” They are all corrupt, and they have done terrible things; there is no one who does what is right.

Today many people celebrate (Why?) April Fools Day. Some people use this day as a free day to pull pranks on other people or to tell them something not true trying to get them to believe it. What does the Lord say about fools? First, there is a lot of verses in the Bible regarding fools. Second, not a single one is good. Fools often refuse to believe in God. They are blinded by the enemy to be able to see the truth in the world. They believe a “Big Bang” created 32,000 species of fish, 1,180 species of birds, and 11,000 different species of reptiles. The Lord views all these people that act as a fool to be corrupt. Their actions are viewed as being very terrible, and they are seen as unable to do anything right. Just talking to someone like this can feel like a total waste of your time. And there are a lot of people that may be viewed this way. They allow their minds to be blinded by the enemy and hearts to be hardened and it prevents them from seeing and believing the truth. Take time today to pray for those that are viewed as foolish. Pray that they come to the truth of our heavenly Father and Lord Jesus as their personal Savior! Though we may just see them as hurting themselves, they can disrupt the world and are destined for an eternity in hell. We can change all that with our prayers! Enough prayers, and we can forever cancel April Fools Day!! 

Lord, I pray to You asking for Your Godly wisdom to help me to be a blessing to those I come in contact with everyday. Help my words to always be the truth and help me to carry the wisdom of Solomon all my days. I pray for those that do not know You and for all those that reject You. I pray You give them another day to receive the wonderful message of Lord Jesus death and resurrection for their sins and that You would open their eyes to receive Jesus as their Savior! In Jesus Name I ask, Amen!!

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