Prayer Guide and Devotional

Prayer Guide and Devotional – January 14, 2024

John 14:27

“I leave you peace; my peace I give you. I do not give it to you as the world does. So don’t let your hearts be troubled or afraid.

My wife and I bought kayaks maybe 19 years ago. We loved getting out on the water whenever time allowed. When you would find the water so calm and peaceful you could spend the entire day just sitting out there. That was a nice indicator what true peace just might feel like! Jesus told the people that He was the one that would give them peace. And not just any peace, but a true total relaxation type of peace. Jesus reminded them how the world does give a little sense of peace but the world’s peace is not a real calm seas and sunny sky type of calm. The world is always expecting something in return so when that peace seams to look inviting, it is just a matter of time until those peaceful seas in your life start to show storm clouds. If your life is hectic and you need some true total relaxing peace, look to Jesus. When it does appear like storms are brewing in your life, Jesus provides a peace that will help calm you right down. Get on your knees today and tell Jesus you need His peace. Now, be serious about it! And watch those worries disappear!! How is the view off the front or your boat?

Lord, with everything going on in my life it can get so stressful. Thank You for providing a total peace and calming when I call out to You. I know there will be storms from time to time but, please, give me Your peace and calm and help me to remember, You are always in control of my life!! Thank You Lord! In Jesus name, Amen!!

Prayer Requests!!!

Pray for Israel in their war against Hamas.

Pray for FCFI witnesses sharing Jesus January 14-16 Quad Cities Farm Equipment Show, Richard Larabee

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From David – Please pray for Sharon whose father died recently. Her father was strong, always likeable, loved life to the fullest, and loved his Lord! Please pray for Sharon and her family.

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