Prayer Guide and Devotional

Prayer Guide and Devotional – October 11, 2023

Exodus 31:16-17

Therefore the children of Israel shall keep the Sabbath, to observe the Sabbath throughout their generations as a perpetual covenant. It is a sign between Me and the children of Israel forever; for in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, and on the seventh day He rested and was refreshed.’ ”

There seems to be a constant question about “The Sabbath” and who it was for or who it was is directed towards. Above is the Lord speaking to Moses on the mountain. The Lord is giving Moses all these different orders or directives for the Hebrews to strictly follow. In these Bible verses the Lord is saying the Sabbath was specifically created as a covenant between the Hebrews and the Lord. If the Lord just tells Moses the Hebrews are the chosen people of the Lord and stops there, there will be great problems. The people, without specific instructions, will do whatever they feel like doing because there would be no guidelines for them. The Lord was giving Moses various guidelines so the Hebrews would continue to grow into the Godly people they were to become as the chosen people of the Lord. The Lord gave the Hebrews the Sabbath to make sure they rested themselves, their animals, and the people who were in their homes at the time. The Lord knew rest was very important for the people. He was insuring the Hebrews would take a time of refreshing so as to not wear down their bodies, their spirits, and their minds. When our bodies and minds are rested we are able to think and act correctly and have energy to serve the Lord to the best of our abilities. The Lord took a rest after six days of creating the heavens and the earth and all that is in them. He was ordering the Hebrews to also rest. Though not directed towards us, we can all follow that awesome advice and take a power nap before going out to share Jesus awesome salvation message with the world!! 

Lord, help me to understand how important rest is to my body and my mind. In fact Lord please force me to rest, if need be, so I can be the best diplomat for Lord Jesus that I can be. Fatigue will lead me to cut corners on my responsibilities I have as being a child of God. Lord, help me to be my best for You!!

Prayer Requests!!!

Pray for Israel as they have been attacked by Hamas and close to 1000 civilian people have been killed and hostages are being threatened with death.

Please pray for Butch’s wife. She hurt her foot and ankle.

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