Prayer Guide and Devotional

Prayer Guide and Devotional – September 26, 2023

James 5:16b

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

For so many Christians the weakest part of our relationship with the Lord is our prayer life or our communication with the Lord. I had one man tell me once he struggled to talk to a God he cannot see. I think that might be how many of us would respond to our lack of talking to God. If we stop and look at our lives and how well we are blessed, we might be able to see God’s love touching our lives everyday. If we stop and look at all the beautiful mountains, farm fields, rivers, oceans, and such an amazing array of birds, animals, and fish we can see God. Those things did not come from something as crazy as, say, a big bang or something. Those are all wonderfully thought out living and breathing creatures only someone who created the universe could so intricately design. And the Lord is telling us, when we communicate with Him, when we talk with Him, He is listening. And the more you talk, the more He listens, and the more He touches your life. And the stronger and more intense our talks are with God the more that will be achieved in this world. You can take a luke warm attitude into your prayer time. But only expect luke warm results. Or you can take an intense and fervent attitude into your prayer life and change the world around you!! 

Lord, I am tired of simple little talks with you. I want to accomplish more in this world. And I can only do so by coming to you and having good long talks. Lord, please strengthen my prayer time and help me to come to you in intense and amazing chats!! This is going to be great Lord!!

Prayer Requests!!!

Please pray for Manny. He has multiple head injuries.

Please lift Sal in prayer for healing, he has cancer.

Also, that all those who stopped by the FCFI tents, that the Holy Spirit is working on their hearts even this morning!!

Looking for witnesses!

If you are from the south or will be traveling south in October we could use some help at the Sunbelt Ag Expo, Oct 17-19 in Moultrie, GA. If you need lodging please let us know so we make plans for you. The Sunbelt is one of the largest farm shows in the US. Looking forward to hearing from you! 

William A. Brown

FCFI Area Coordinator

Cell Phone: 315-749-6823

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