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Praise the Lord Moment

June 22, 2021

Good morning everyone,

Is it just me, or does it seem like the days are getting shorter?

Reminder: Because we are immersed in VBS this week, there will be no Tuesday Bible study today or Thursday Bible Study. We pick up next week where we left off.

Great little story – We thought we were going to need to send out an all points bulletin on the need for more cookies for VBS. But then, yesterday afternoon my phone rang. It was from a lady who lives in Lexington, Illinois and is the bookkeeper for Fellowship of Christian Farmers International – an organization I’m involved with. Here’s how the conversation went:

“Hi Kevin, this is Judy from FCFI. I’m in Martintown.”

Then the call was dropped and the phone went dead. A minute later she called back.

“I’m here in Martintown and I have cookies for VBS.”

I asked incredulously: “You’re in Martintown right now?”  

“Yes, I’m here from Lexington with cookies.”

“Ok,” I saId, “we’ll be right over.”

Cindy and I hustled right over to the church where Judy had delivered 20 dozen homemade cookies for our VBS. 

Turns out, Dennis Schlagel, FCFI’s Executive Director is a Martintown Community Church cyber member. For the past sixteen months, he and his wife Jan, have watched us at 8 o’clock every Sunday morning. He heard me say a few weeks back that we needed cookies. He told Judy, who works in the FCFI office and Judy went to her church lady’s group and they got together for a cookie bake. She took them into the office in Lexington on Monday with the intention of boxing them up and mailing them to us. Dennis told her they would arrive too late if she did that. She said, “Ok, I’ll drive them up there today.” Which she did – 6 hour round trip. Incredible!

God is good …

Hope you’re having a great week. We had 68 kids yesterday and 35 helpers at VBS. Keep us in your prayers as we plant seeds of God’s truth in the hearts and minds of everyone involved. 

We are blessed.

Pastor Kevin