Peoria Farm Show 2023

Peoria Farm Show 2023

FCFI Area Leader Jeff Goss shares the Gospel at the Peoria Farm Show

The Peoria Farm Show for 2023 took place on November 28-30, 2023 at the Peoria Civic Center.  It was their 41st annual show!  The Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International has attended this show for a long time, as it is the closest show to the home office in Lexington, Illinois.  It is a free admission show that has been getting smaller through the years, although enthusiasm remains.

The star of the show – our restored John Deere 110 garden tractor, restored and made to look like a mini – 4020, complete with dually rear wheels!

The John Deere mini-4040 was restored by Don Miske, Allenton, Wisconsin.  This is the 4th tractor he has restored, and all auction sales proceeds have benefited the Fellowship of Christian Farmers.  Thid latest effort is the first one with dually wheels on the back.  We are waiting for Mecum to announce their next tractor auction.  In the meantime, this little tractor has visited the Antique Tractor Show near Geneseo, Illinois,  the Illinois Hunting and Fishing Show, Carterville, Illinois, the Lexington Homecoming Parade, the Lexington Small Business Day, and Lexington’s Christmas on the Prairie.  I think it needs its tank filled again!

A couple of kids looking over our new Case IH books for kids

The Case IH farm tractor books will be available through the Fellowship of Christian Farmers at the home office, 221 W Main, Lexington, IL.  We will also be bringing them to a farm show near you.  And they will be available soon at, our website.

Don Miske (white shirt) showing off his wonderful John Deere artwork

This mini – 4020 brought lots of people to our booth.  Farmers love their tractors!  We will continue to show off this beautiful restoration until the next Mecum Auction is announced.

View a video from the Peoria Farm Show –> Peoria Farm Show

Stay tuned for our year-end eNewsletters coming in the next couple of weeks.  Thank you for your support!!

Executive Director Dennis Schlagel showing off the mini-4020.  I don’t think he wants to sell it.  I think he just wants to show it off and play with it:)