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Ozark Fall Farmfest

Ozark Fall Farmfest

FCFI Area Leader Jeff Goss all set up and ready to share Jesus with the show visitors

It has been a long time since we had a live farm show with real exhibits and real people at the show! The Fellowship of Christian Farmers, Internatonal exhibited at the Ozark Fall Farmfest in Springfield, Missouri, October 2-4, 2020. The point man was FCFI Area Leader Jeff Goss.

Candace Allen sharing the Gospel with some young visitors

The volunteers that worked with Jeff are FCFI Area Leader Mike Weaver, Canbdace Allen, William French, and FCFI Board Members Bob Carpenter and CP Foster. Nearly 200 peope made decisions for Christ at the Ozark Fall Farmfest.

Area Leader Mike Weaver shares with some FFA students

From Jeff Goss:
“Several people complimented us on how the FCFI booth has been at the Ozark Farm Fest every year for many years and that it has been such a help and a blessing to the farm show every year. They thanked us for our service.”

Traci Adams helped out today

More testimonies:
“One tough looking biker came to our booth with his teenage daughter. She listened intently to the story and then she prayed with me to receive Christ. She seemed deeply touched by the Spirit of God and very sincere in her prayer.”

Mike Weaver asked these twin girls if they had received the Lord and the one said “yes” and then turned to the other twin sister who said, “not yet,” but then she ended up praying to receive the Lord.

Candace Allen asked one guy if he knew what it meant to receive Jesus and he said “no.” She told him he must repent and invite Jesus into his life. He paused, but then ended up praying with her to receive Jesus into his life. Candace said she felt the change come over him and the presence of God.

Candace Allen sharing with a group of young children. Look at the intense focus on these kids’ faces!


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