Ocean City MD Home and Easter Show

Ocean City MD Home and Easter Show

A young man has interest in getting his own walking stick. So he brought Mom over to the FCFI table. Here, FCFI witness Ernie Reese (left) shares the salvation message of Lord Jesus Christ with Mom and son.

One new Christian lady stopped by the FCFI ministry table. The FCFI witness asked her if she would go to heaven when she was done on this earth. She was absolutely stunned. Nobody shares the Christian faith outside of church and especially not this BOLDLY! She said she was glad we were there and said she could not share like that.

Do you know if you will go to heaven someday??

Look at the beautiful smiles on these awesome young Christian ladies! We were blessed to have them stop by both the FCFI sand art table and the FCFI ministry table. We also had a great talk with the fantastic young man who was chaperoning these ladies!

We had a great time sharing the Gospel of Lord Jesus down at one of the east coast’s premier vacation towns.

This show is geared not towards vacationers but towards the people local to the Delmarva peninsula area.

Okay, this new walking stick owner found out that her little buddy wanted the stick too!

We had many great people stop by.

We were blessed by the Lord to pray with six people to ask Jesus into their hearts and lives.

Two more young adults get walking sticks and the Gospel of Lord Jesus!

We have always sent emails with photos and captions after all our events wanting to share the fantastic moments we encountered for all of you to see.

Those moments are so very special and we want all of you to understand what is happening out at the fairs and the festivals, the tractor shows, the RV shows, and the farm shows.
After sending out all the instagram and Facebook posts, we would come home and gather them and send them out all over again to you.

We are encouraging all of you to go to the Instagram page and Facebook page for the Fellowship of Christian Farmer’s, International’s Pennsylvania Northern Tier Chapter to see all these great photos.
That will save us a ton of work resending out all those pictures we already sent out!

Not only will you get to share in all the great moments but you can witness them literally as they are occurring.
Most of those posts are being loaded right as that same interaction is literally happening.

Again, we encourage you all to go check out our Instagram and Facebook pages.
After all, that is the exact reason those pages were created!

Some more FCFI sand art table action. These two ladies were focused while creating their own dolphin sand art necklaces. We thought dolphin necklaces might be appreciated at the beach. Yes, they were!!