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Keep track of the latest Disaster Relief efforts by the Fellowship of Christian Farmers!  We need volunteers!

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Click the blue "Volunteer" box here or on the Home Page to sign up for Disaster Relief. You are not obligated to volunteer for each relief event, but you will be pre-registered if needed. Thanks for supporting FCFI!

Disaster Relief Registration

We are pre-registering volunteers to aid in disaster recovery.

Disaster Relief in Nebraska

FCFI Motorcoach and 5th Wheel Command Center. The 5th wheel was donated to FCFI by Samaritan’s Purse.   The Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International is currently deployed in Nance County, Nebraska, near Genoa, after the worst flooding in 50 years.  In mid-March, a 
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Disaster Relief in North Carolina

Althouigh Hurricane Florence hit the North Carolina coast six months ago, much work still needs to be done. Hurricane Florence slowed and lost strength just off the coast of North Carolina, making landfall as a Category 1 hurricane, and dumped nearly 36 inches of rain, causing massive
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Disaster Relief in Marianna, Florida

It was a great time to bug out of Illinois as the wind chill dipped to minus 60.  Hurricane Michael struck the Florida Panhandle on October 10, 2018 as a high category 4, with wind speeds of 155 mph, causing massive destruction along the panhandle coast, near Panama City.  Damage was
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Disaster Relief in North Carolina After Hurricane Florence

                            More to come!!
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Oklahoma Wildfire Recovery

The Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International is set up to receive volunteers to work disaster recovery in Vici and Woodward, Oklahoma after the devastating wildfires they had there earlier this spring. As many as 28 organizations are gearing up for the relief effort. From the En
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Generators for Puerto Rico II

Six months after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, 93,000 are still without power and water. Although that is only 5% of the population, that doesn’t make it any easier for those 93,000. This has been one of the most expensive and logistically difficult hurricane recoverie
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Emergency Hay for Mountain Grove, Missouri

A long drought situation in the Mountain Grove, Missouri area followed by heavy rains and flooding has made it necessary to ship in hay to feed cattle. The Fellowship of Christian Farmers are here at Bob Yoder’s farm near Danvers, Illinois, preparing shipment of hay to Mountain
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Shoes! Collecting Gently Worn Shoes to Fund FCFI Disaster Relief Projects

View complete Shoe Project video here –>  Shoe Project   Your support of the Shoe Project will help fund disaster relief projects, like the Kansas Wildfire of Ashland, KS, that burned thousands of acres of ranch land, and killed thousands of cattle.  View video here R
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Disaster: High Plains Wildfires

The Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International is setting up in the fire ravaged high plains of Kansas, at Christian Camp, near Ashland, Kansas. Here is the High Plains Journal article written by Bill Spiegel:   This will be the first deployment of the FCFI’s mobile dis
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