National Farm Machinery Show

National Farm Machinery Show

The Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International will have an exhibit at the National Farm Machinery Show in the South Wing Hall, space 6008. Your help is needed to staff the booth and to ask your friends and church to pray for the Holy Spirit direct people into the booth to hear the Gospel and receive a wordless walking stick.

Each morning, we stock the Seminar Room with coffee, water, and milk for as long as it lasts. We are scheduled to have South Wing C, Room 106 until 12:30pm each day. Pray for many healthy conversations to encourage farmers in the Seminar Room. Outside the Seminar Room, we will need people to staff the entrance table exhibit using our prayer room banner and our mini 4020 replica tractor. In recent shows, the mini 4020 with dual rear wheels encourages people to stop and talk with us. A lot of farmers have a John Deere 4020 story to tell.

Please share with your family and friends!

Your brother in Christ,

Dennis Schlagel

FCFI Executive Director

Phone: (309)530-7004

Your prayers and help are needed at a second FCFI ministry location at the National Farm Machinery Show. Each morning from 8:00-8:45, South Wing C, Room 106, FCFI will present a seminar entitled, “Stability and Hope in Unstable Times.” One year ago, we had $7.00 corn. Today it is closer to $4.00. There is stress in the ag sector of the American economy. The Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International desires to have a quiet place where farmers can talk she sitting down to eat their lunch at the show.