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Mission Trip: Mexico

New church in La Palma ready for floor tile

New FCFI board president Dave Carter has led several mission trips to Mexico in support of Tony Gomez. This year, a new church plant in La Palma will get a new tile floor for the church.

Dave’s team helped skilled local tile workers

Report from Dave Carter:
“Four of us flew from Dallas, TX to Torreon, Coahuila, MX on Saturday, February 3, arriving that evening and were taken to the homes in which we stayed for the week. We went to the Sunday morning service at the Gomez Palacio church of Tony Gomez. As Tony was in the U.S. that day, Edgar preached the morning service and Ramon Sosa had the evening service. Both men did well. The church is in good hands while Tony is away.”

Cleaning before the application of grout

“We had been told that our work for the week would be laying floor tile in a new church in La Palma that men with the Spanish American Mission built last year.”

New gate at Tony Gomez residence

“On Monday morning we went to Tony’s residence and finished gates consisting of wood slats on a steel frame. As Mexican lumber is not of the consistent dimensions that we are used to, it took some work to try to make the gates look right. Our work was met with Tony’s approval when he returned.

Nice looking floor!

“The rest of the week our work consisted of helping skilled Mexican workers in laying the floor tile. We mixed mortar to lay the tiles, grout for them, carried tile and mortar to the church. There was much time spent on our knees cleaning between the tiles in preparation for the grout. Our group learned a lot about the art of laying tile.”

The crew: Back row Mark Reiling and Dave Carter. Middle row (on each end) Casey Wilson and John Tilden. Two local pastors in front Pastor Chago and Pastor Jaime

“We were blessed to be able to attend the Tuesday evening service at the new church plant in Torreon that is pastored by Ramon Sosa. Also, we went to the Wednesday evening service at the Gomez Palacio church at which Tony preached. We left Saturday morning for home. In all, it was a good week with many opportunities to interact with the people there. It was good to renew friendships and meet new friends.”