Indian Lake Tornado

Indian Lake Tornado

An EF-3 tornado approaches the Indian Lake area in Ohio

From the USA Today: (March 15, 2024)

“Authorities on Friday continued search efforts and began to survey the immense damage inflicted by a series of tornadoes that ripped across the central U.S. and Midwest overnight, leveling homes, killing at least three people and injuring dozens, officials confirmed.

By late afternoon, at least 14 tornadoes had been confirmed in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Ohio on Thursday and overnight into Friday morning.

The worst damage was reported in Ohio, where the storms killed at least three people and devastated the Indian Lake and Orchard Island communities, about 70 miles northwest of Columbus, Logan County Sheriff Randy Dodds said at a news conference Friday. He said more bodies may be found as first responders and volunteers search through rubble.”

Massive damage in Ohio and the Midwest

The Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International is busy organizing help for the rural areas near Indian Lake, about 70 miles Northwest of Columbus, Ohio.  Alex Kinney from the Indian Lake FFA Chapter comfirmed that our Kabota was delivered to the area to assist in trash pick up that needs to be done before planting.  Executive Director Emeritus Dennis Schlagel delivered the Kabota and a flatbed trailer to haul trash.

FCFI’s Kabota deployed near Bellefontaine, Ohio, Bruce Tracey’s field

The Indian Lake FFA Chapter volunteered to help clean up some farmland and ponds near Indian Lake.  The damage didn’t look as bad as in town, but there was much garbage and debris in the fields.  This all needs to be cleaned up before the corn and soybean planting begins.  

FCFI Area Leader Bill Nichols, a trustee for Logan County, Ohio is on site coordinating the effort from our base camp at FCFI member Jim Wish’s house near the devastated area.

Indian Lake FFA Chapter picking up trash at Bruce Tracey’s farm

It is amazing to see how eager our young FFA kids are to help out with disaster relief.  Our FCFI Area Leaders contact local FFA Chapters, and we immediately have a crew to work a field.  Hopefully, they can round up a lot of FFA kids to work over Spring break.

Meeting in the Indian Lake High School office are Kelsey King FFA Advisor, four chapter members, FCFI Executive  Director Emeritus Dennis Schlagel, and local farmer Jim Wish.

Dennis drove out there on the fly and picked up a generator from Mike Weaver in Eldorado, IL, where they planned our Tennessee FFFA booth, and purchased 3 more generators to bring along.

Total Eclipse!!

Total Eclipse “Diamond Ring Effect” from August 21, 2017, Union Pass, Wyoning, near Dubois

God is amazing!  On April 8th, the United States will experience a total eclipse of the sun, and wouldn’t you know, it is passing right through the tornado stricken area in Ohio!  It will enter the US at Eagle Pass, Texas, through San Antonio, Dallas, Little Rock, Carbondale, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Buffalo, Niagra Falls, and out through Maine.  It passed through 7 cities named Nineveh.  Recall that Jonah, just after being swallowed by a large fish, went to Nineveh to warn them of destruction.  A total eclipse just happened to occur at that time, and the Ninevites repented and their city was saved.  Eclipses are usually followed by amazing events.  It is easy to see the possibility of some amazing things happen throughout this year, culminating in the most important election in our short history.  This eclipse can be looked at as “repentance.”  Please pray for our nation in this historic time, and pray for willing hands to make short work of the tornado stricken lands in the Midwest, especially the Indian Lake area of Ohio.  Thank you for supporting the Fellowship of Christian Farmers!