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Harvest Time Farm Shows

Harvest Time Farm Shows

Husker Harvest Days

Dave Ferris from Nebraska is sharing Christ with young people.

The Husker Harvest Days ran from September 14 through the 16th in Grand Island, Nebraska.  Point man for the show was Dave Ferris from Central City, NE.  Working the show were Dave Ferris, Jeff Goss, Gary Overly, Paul Stachura, Andy Faeh, Al Hirschfield, Ron Niedermeyer, Bill Crilly, Jerry Miller, Terry Elliot, Lyndon and Sue Ochsner and their son Jeremiah and grandsons Cordell, Boaz, and Gideon.

Kids lined up outside our tent in Nebraska.  New FCFI trailer on left.

From the show’s official website:

“The World’s Largest Totally Irrigated Working Farm Show

Husker Harvest Days connects farmers with agriculture’s leading companies, hosting hundreds of exhibitors displaying the latest farm equipment, tractors, combines and farm implements; seed and crop protection products; and many additional farm supplies and services.”

The Fellowship of Christian Farmers fits in nicely here, offering free walking sticks, and, more importantly, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and the Words of Salvation.

FCFI at the Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island NE

From Area Leader Jeff Goss:

“Well over a thousand kids were bussed in and brought in from all over Nebraska and Kansas to the Husker Harvest Days, and many came into our tent to hear the Gospel. At times there were so many kids inside of our tent being witnessed to, that we even had FCFI men outside our tent to share the Gospel with groups of kids and people.”

The rope making family was a big draw. Lyndon and Sue Ochsner, son Jeremiah and grandkids Boaz and Gideon.


“So many kids and people were hearing the Gospel message at our tent, and many were praying to receive Christ that I believe Nebraska will never be the same. I believe a revival began here and will spread to the nation and world. I also encouraged the kids we prayed with to go and share their faith with the people that they are around.”

This FFA group just prayed with Jeff Goss to receive Jesus.

Ozark Fall Farm Fest

FFA kids listening intently as Jeff Goss gives them the good news of the Gospel.

The Ozark Fall Farm Fest was October 1 – 3 at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds in Springfield, Missouri.  Point man for the show was FCFI Area Leader Jeff Goss from St. Louis, MO.  Working the show were Jeff Goss, George Noble, Mike Weaver, Stanley Bryan, Dennis and Karen Hembrough.

For several hours, big groups of FFA kids came to our booth to hear the Gospel.

From FCFI Area Leader Jeff Goss:

“Once again we had a great harvest of souls saved on FFA day as huge numbers of kids came pouring into our booth for hours to hear the Gospel message and to pray with us and receive New Testaments and other Gospel literature. I believe revival is happening right before our eyes.”

Jeff Goss praying with a big group at the Ozark Fall Farm Fest

“For many years now our booth has been very popular at the Ozark Fall Farm Fest with hundreds of kids and adults waiting in line to receive the free gifts and to hear the Gospel message. A couple people even shared with us their memories of coming to our booth in the past.”

Area Leader Mike Weaver is ministering to a big group of FFA kids.  Mike is now down in Louisiana leading a crew in disaster relief from Hurricane Ida.istering to a big group of FFA kids. 

Stay tuned for more farm show reports, as well as disaster relief reports from Mike Weaver in Louisiana.  Your support, both prayer and financial, is coveted by our hard working leaders, staff, and volunteers.  May God richly bless you and thank you for your support!