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The Southern Field Days expanded by 120 exhibitors thanks to the construction of a 50m x 100m Event Center. Marques (tents) were being shipped from the North Island to accommodate the growth. The 3m x 6m marque resulted from a cancellation on Saturday before the show opened. 50mm x 50mm New Zealand Pine poles 4.8m long were used to fly flags from six countries. Janet Schlagel, Bloomington, Illinois, is shown by the FCFI property sign the day before the show opened. Praise the Lord for providing a framed marque that enabled a professional, agribusiness exhibit.


Wordless Walking Sticks were popular items at the Southern Field Days. Three boys are shown with FCFI Executive Director, Dennis Schlagel, after hearing the gospel presentation. 350 wordless puzzles and 400 silicone bracelets were used to share the gospel with some of the over 38,500 people who attended the three day show.