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FCFI Delivers Rubber Gloves to OSF Medical Warehouse

Forklift loading first of five pallets of rubber gloves at Midwest Food Bank

The Coronavirus Hospital staff Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) crisis impacts every farm family.  Family members, friends at church, and neighbors can be nurses, doctors, techs and other health care workers we know.  Two weeks ago, my wife, Janet, and I were Facetiming with our son, Joshua, who is a registered nurse. After he explained the shortage of N-95 masks, gowns, shields and gloves, I had to put prayer into action to see what could be done about this shortage. Janet suggested I call the supply train coordinator at OSF Health Care Network in Peoria.  I explained that I am part of the Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International and we are interested in helping OSF haul needed PPE for health care worker protection.  The same morning the OSF Health Care Warehouse in Peoria called asking if FCFI could haul five pallets of gloves to their warehouse.  Ron Miller, Lexington, IL farmer used his Chevy truck and trailer to haul the load.

FCFI member Ron Miller ties down pallets of gloves

Farmers live near factories where PPE is manufactured.  3M N-95 masks are made in Aberdeen, South Dakota.  General Motors/Ventec factory that is producing ventilators is in Kokomo, Indiana.  Many companies are making PPE where they had never done so before. Mike Lindell’s “My” is making 50,000 facemasks per day north of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Farmers live close to many sources of PPE safety material.

Gloves!!  Five pallets, over 3 tons of gloves!!

Would you contact your local hospital purchasing department and find out if they need help shipping PPE into their hospital?  The coronavirus has created a massive distribution problem. ( Higher demand for product and abnormal shipping situations.)  Please contact me in the Home Office if the Lord reveals a trucking opportunity to you.

OSF warehouse receiving the five pallets of gloves

The Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International can be reached by visiting our website at, or sign up here –> Volunteer! You may also call the home office at 309-365-8710, or Executive Director Dennis Schlagel at 309-530-7004.  If you want to help out, donations will be gratefully accepted at, or by mail at:

The Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International, P.O. Box 15, Lexington, IL 61753.

View the video here –> FCFI Delivers Med Supplies

Praise the Lord and thank you for your support!