Farm Shows, Fairs in Pennsylvania

FCFI witness Karen Steele shows the family the ruler with the five colors on the back while Mom watches an anxious daughter considering looking into the box that states “Look inside to see who Jesus died for!”

Michael Steele:

“But you cannot describe how an awesome week of sharing Lord Jesus went in one set of pictures.”

The Troy Fair is a regular event for the Fellowship of Christian Farmers in Troy, PA.  Michael Steele, and his wife, Karen, put on this display with local volunteers witnessing Jesus Christ to the people of Troy and beyond.  From July 26 to July 31, FCFI volnteers used the Wordless Walking Stick to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a needy world.

FCFI witness Karen Steele shows Mom the Manual while the kids all enjoy their new FCFI Construction Hats!
This young man was struggling to walk so we gave him one of the Pennsylvania Chapter’s Wordless Canes!  Made from our walking sticks and a hammer handle as the cane handle.
Here is a family ready to have fun at the Troy Fair!  All have their new FCFI Construction Hats and their Wordless Walking Sticks.
FCFI National Board President CP Foster hard at work giving the burnt look to the walking sticks.  The people loved the burnt look and took them over all else we offered them.

Michael Steele:

“God bless everyone and thanks to the Good’s, Ernie Reese, CP Foster, and all at National who makes these events of reaching the lost with the Gospel of Lord Jesus possible!!”