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Farm Show Report – Jeff Goss, FCFI Area Leader

December, 2022

I will start my report testifying about the Tulsa Farm Show since I just finished up with that one this past Saturday night. The Highlight for me was Thursday and especially Friday morning when our booth was visited by many FFA kids from all over Oklahoma as well as FFA kids from Arkansas. These kids were so attentive and receptive to hearing the Gospel message. We also gave them the new custom cover John and Romans book, New Beginnings Flyer, and other literature which they seemed eager to receive. When they prayed with us, it did seem very sincere. We also had younger kids and adults visiting our booth and praying with us. Another highlight was how many people were thanking us for being there and for what we do. A lot of them were backing it up by putting money in the donation box. Mike and I do not ask for money, and we tell people everything we have is free. If they ask me about donations, I will tell them if they feel led to do so and that it does help us to keep going. My wife and I have made some clear see-through donation boxes that look nice, and people seem so eager to give to us because they know that ministries sharing the Gospel like we do is so needed in our nation. More than ever, I hear comments from people about the desperate condition our nation is in right now. I believe this also inspires people to give into our ministry. 

The week before Tulsa I worked a day at the Peoria, Illinois farm show. It was busy for a few hours and then before I left town, Dennis loaded me with sticks and other supplies. A few days later we had what I call a stick party at the senior’s group at my church where they helped us to put cards and bracelets on the sticks. The leader of the senior’s group has been very supportive of FCFI and what we do. He and his family has even helped with farm shows as well as helping with sticks.

Another open door that God has opened for me that has benefited FCFI is every few weeks a radio station out of Virginia has had me on their radio program where I teach but they also ask me a lot of questions on the air about FCFI and all that we do. After I share about it, I encourage people to go to the FCFI website to read more about us. I believe the radio station is near the Washington, DC area but on the Virginia side. They will be doing another interview with me Saturday morning and then I believe the program I am on airs the program on Sunday morning.

In closing, I still believe that we will see a great spiritual revival and awakening in 2023 at farm shows and FFA state conventions. I will be kicking off the new year with the Ag expo in West Monroe, Louisiana and the Sioux Falls, South Dakota farm show in January.