Farm Progress Show 2015 – Decatur, Illinois


The Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International returns to the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois. You might think the summer heat is losing its grip by September, but you would be wrong.  Temperatures for the three day show reached the mid-90s each day, causing the crowds to thin by Thursday, September 3rd, the final day of the show.  But the hot weather did not curb the enthusiasm of our FCFI volunteers, who tirelessly presented the Gospel of Jesus Christ using the Wordless Walking Stick.









Here is an overhead view of the Fellowship of Christian Farmers tent, sitting in the northwest corner of the show grounds:


We had the great blessing of having the Durocher Family from Grand Rapids, Minnesota provide musical entertainment with a powerful Christian message.  The Durocher’s performed three sets daily, and sold videos and CDs.  For more information, visit their website here –> The Durochers.










Stats for the show:

Walking Sticks distributed: 4,000

Walking Stick Owner’s Manuals distributed:  3,600

Visitors:  4,000 (everyone gets a walking stick!)

Volunteers:  48

Water bottles consumed by volunteers: 100s

Cost to FCFI for the show:  $6,400

Money raised so far:  $5,000  (Please help us with the additional $1,400.  Your help is much appreciated!)

The Farm Progress Show returns to Boone, Iowa August 30 through September 1, 2016.  See you there!